Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 497

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audio 1.1: ES_Stay Cool 1 — Marcus Svedin
audio 1.2: Varien — Valkyrie (feat. Laura Brehm)

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audio 2.1: Kevin MacLeod — Investigations
audio 2.2: Audionatix — You so zany
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audio 3: Daniele Vitale Sax — Shreksophone (with a real sax)

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audio 4: ES_Ladies Lounge 3 — Jan Chmelar

video 5: sent by Smuel
audio 5: Kevin MacLeod — Fluffing a Duck

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audio 6: Ansia Orchestra — Fiery Lake (Fiery Lake 2016)

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48 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments — Hearthstone — Ep. 497

  1. I quit constructed like two years ago, and watching this video I see I made the right decision.

  2. 2:09 훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!

  3. who this is a blast from the past, i havent seen one of these videos for years. I remember when it was at like 27 hahah now its past 400

  4. Wow Trolden must be having a hard time finding Hearthstone clips if the first one is anything to go by. I didn’t know that card games even was a category on that site.

  5. All of these OTK mega-combos fairly early in the games… just one more reason that Hearthstone is no longer a good game. When you can OTK an opponent who has done nothing stupid by turn 6, it's a broken game.

  6. 5:22
    Its turn fucking 6. My god balance is something blizzard have no clue of what it is. They will lose tons of players, pro are warning them the state of the game is horrible, what they did? Make even worse!

  7. The very first clip. he literally had lethal and then some with just pyro / fireball to face as he had SP+2 .. why'd he pyro the minion?

  8. Нужно было найти двойку и из двух существ разрушитель брони

  9. Вайлд режим как БГ вообще не вызывают интереса, поскольку там может твориться любая несусветная дичь

  10. You: Hmmm, shouldnt be that hard.

    Reno: *Sets up turn 1 OTK lethal destroying you and your pride^

    Reno: "Oops did I do that?"

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