Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 499

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Outro Music:

video 1:
audio 1.1: ES_Jump Jive Roar — Gavin Luke
audio 1.2: Audionatix — You so zany

video 2:
audio 2.1: ES_The Son Of Zeus 2 — Gustavsson & Sandberg
audio 2.2: Audionatix — You so zany

video 3:
audio 3: Silent Partner — Dog and pony show

video 4:
audio 4: ES_War Drums — Andreas Ericson

video 5.1:
video 5.2:
video 5.3:
video 5.4:
video 5.5:
video 5.6:
audio 5.1: ES_Bop It — Jules Gaia
audio 5.2: Jurassic Park Theme (Melodica Cover(Trap Remix))

video 6:
audio 6: Daniele Vitale Sax — Shreksophone (with a real sax)

video 7:
audio 7.1: ES_Epic Trailer 04 — Johannes Bornlöf
audio 7.2: Grim Patron DJ Sound Express Remix

video 8:
audio 8: Ansia Orchestra — Thunderbird (Pharah Tribute)



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43 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments — Hearthstone — Ep. 499

  1. Can someone please explain the first clip? I thought Zephyrus Discovers the perfect card for you. How did the Impbalming fuck him up?

  2. почему абсолютное большинство, казалось бы, взрослых игроков, реагирует на хоть немного нетривиальные ходы как самые дешёвые шлюхи при виде дозы?!

  3. Really hope that clip of Kripp getting wrecked by that Zepherus Demon Hunter in Arena makes it to the next video. That was the first potential Trolden clip I saw live and I was laughing so hard my neighbors started banging on the wall.

  4. Trolden, PLEASE make your logo animated/more golden for your 500th episode….that would be so perfect

  5. Hey, also thanks for including Dane….He's keeping things in the Wild world interesting for peeps like me 😀

  6. Где же плагиат(
    Отправляюсь в комнату ожидания плагиата

  7. I have a moment with raza priest that I would like to share with you is very funny, I basically had unlimited shots because I got the mage dragon which gives me infinite hero power refreshment.

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