Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 503

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audio 1: ES_Prince Brown Funk — Stefan Netsman

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audio 2: ES_Shake Down — Gavin Luke
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audio 3: ES_Come Out (Instrumental Version) — Daniel Gunnarsson

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audio 4.1: ES_Breathe, Fade — Cobby Costa
audio 4.2: ES_Powerwalkin’ — Future Joust
audio 4.3: Going The Distance! (Rock Version) Training Montage # 1

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audio 5: ES_Feeling Alright — Gavin Luke

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audio 6: Ansia Orchestra — Helden Sterben Nicht

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audio 7: Ansia Orchestra — Hack The Planet

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audio 8: ES_The Beat Is Gonna Set You Free — Duckmaw



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48 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments — Hearthstone — Ep. 503

  1. Gotta love the mage fun and interactive gameplay, win with random spells, sometimes generated by cards that didn't even start in your deck. I know Hearthstone is RNG based for the most part, but this is just absurd. Solarian Prime casted 2 yogg boxes and won the game. Quick reminder, this is in standard and allowed into tournaments.

  2. I’m a rouge bc of bs like that wand, you can come up with bs win conditions out of nowhere with dragon’s hoard or shuffle 15 Kronx’s with toggwaggles scheme.

  3. 훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!훌렁이!

  4. 4:00 That dramatic moment, but no one noticed that it's the 5th spell from soularian, which mean target only enemies.

  5. thijs's voice is soooo freaking anoyhing incredible srsly need to skip him like everytime or mute the video …

  6. "No way demon hunter deals 9 damage in one turn"

    Says a "professional" HS streamer … LOL

    And even after the opponent drew 3 reduced cards … i mean how dumb can someone be?^^

  7. Why do people get excited with solarian Prime when it hits face? The card says Targets enemies if possible. So if the enemy doesnt have minions annd it casts pyroblast it should hit on your opponent's face

  8. 4:17 Tyler used all his luck there, so he got so unlucky during the tournament.

  9. 4:20 Wasn't it sure that he won with that spell? I mean even if it was created by the box, the box itself is created by that minion focusing ennemy if possible and the only ennemy left was the ennemy hero

  10. Wait, what's with all the clips about people getting excited about Solarian Prime hitting enemies with large spells (instead of their own face)? It literally says on the card "Targets enemies if possible"

  11. How to fix Demon Hunter:

    Twin Slice: Nerf to 1 mana while keeping Second Slice at 0 mana. It's not a twinspell!

    Chaos Strike: Nerf to 3 mana.

    Skull of Gul'dan: Nerf mana discount to 2 mana.

    Priestess of Fury: Nerf health to 5.

    Altruis the Outcast: Nerf ability to only damage minions.

  12. I dont understand the first clip, whats so special about it?
    Thats like 80% of my games against demon hunter

  13. I feel like the question "Can Demon hunter do X damage from hand?" is answered by "yes."

    It doesn't matter what number X is. The demon hunter can do it.

  14. Such skill can be spectated from a demonhunter play — play any card, if you have a combo play a card from the sides, the game even makes it easier for you by decreasing the number of playable cards to 2!

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