Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 514

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00:00 such wow
video 1:
audio 1: ES_Real Synth Music 1 — Stefan Netsman

00:46 Rise of the Machines
video 2:
audio 2.1: ES_The Son Of Zeus 2 — Gustavsson & Sandberg
audio 2.2: Varien — Valkyrie (feat. Laura Brehm)
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01:24 Bird is a word
video 3.1:
video 3.2:
video 3.3:
audio 3: ES_Frankie — Anders Bothen

03:13 Trap trouble
video 4:
audio 4: ES_Without a Care — Sight of Wonders
subs by cauan nogueira

03:46 Bombs Away3
video 5.1:
video 5.2:
video 5.3:
video 5.4:
audio 5: ES_Jubilation — Jules Gaia

05:52 Think like a demon hunter
video 6:
audio 6: ES_Rolling In The Retro Jam 1 — Victor Ohlsson

06:56 Time after time
video 7:
audio 7: Silent Partner — Dog and pony show

08:30 Prime time
video 8:
audio 8: Audionatix — You so zany

09:24 Bonus clip

10:04 Outro

Outro Music:


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48 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments — Hearthstone — Ep. 514

  1. This slow-mo for the cards we know for a months already is so fucking long and useless. Could you please stop that trifle? We can easily stop a video and read a description of "ThE cArD tHaT wE'vE nEvEr SeEn In PlAy" ourselves.

  2. Откуда повылезало столько никому не нужных наших стримеров-школьников? Ниша хса в снг монополизирована давно жирничем и инером, а ботоводы с "кредитами за комп" до сих пор на твич лезут. Лучше бы эти бездарности на завод поперли, это окошко захлопнулось как три-четыре года назад

  3. I think Trolden has become less funny because this kind of RNG can be seen anyday on a normal game. I mean Dragonqueen into Nozari, Solarian into Pyroblast face, i've seen that too many times

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