Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 515

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Outro Music:

00:00 Transfer student
video 1:
audio 1: ES_Shake Down — Gavin Luke

01:05 Why we’ve been missing?/Zenonzard

02:41 Trick up the sleeve
video 2:
audio 2: Kevin MacLeod — If I had a Chicken

03:21 Cheat death
video 3:
audio 3: ES_Shake Down — Gavin Luke

04:20 The one and only
video 4:
ES_Pots And Pancakes 1 — Gunnar Johnsén

04:58 RNG Fiesta
video 5.1:
video 5.2: sent by Nathan D.
video 5.3:
video 5.4:
audio 5: ES_New Orleans Diner 5 — Magnus Ringblom

06:45 Bandersmosh
video 6.1:
video 6.2:
audio 6.3: ES_Clever Girl — Jules Gaia

07:37 Summoning is complete
video 7:
audio 7: ES_Jubilation — Jules Gaia

08:58 Dreams of memes
video 8:
audio 8.1: ES_Racing Hearts 3 — Martin Landh

audio 8.2: Sanic Gotta Go Faster

audio 8.3: Green Trill Zone — Sonic Remix v=e9ixL-aVRCI



38 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments — Hearthstone — Ep. 515

  1. Wait so if Trolden has an editor, that means his job is literally "just" to watch Hearthstone? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

  2. Что случилось почему ты больше не работаешь на близард?очень переживаю за тебя и интересно

  3. Трольден рекламирует другую кки??? ТЫ ДОЛЖЕН БЫЛ УНИЧТОЖИТЬ ИХ А НЕ СРАЖАТЬСЯ ЗА НИХ!!

  4. Нахер носферату, его думая бошка уже изо всех щелей лезет

  5. Наконец-то ролик, каждый день заходил проверял!

  6. I am not sure if I am missing something, but the first guy could have just attacked into the prime with his weapon, then kill it with the rush 1/1 and then play dragonbane + heropower for guaranteed lethal, no?

  7. Ahh… 9 Cost minions (and doomsayers). The definition of game winning niche minion.
    But really, there are a lot of game swindled by those cards. And it feel cathartic to see it happens.

    (Especially to the beat of the certain dinosaur movie music.)

  8. Где БГ? И хватит показывать этого Носферату лысого, он похож на педофила из провинции. Заранее осуждаю

  9. What does he mean "how did it happen?" — it was a 1 in 4 for both to go face. Hardly lottery odds right there.

  10. You really need another editor to put together highlights of twitch clips ?

  11. huh i always assumed Blizz paid you for these vids after awhile! 😮 tough to hear you been having some hard times my guy and i wish a safe and speedy recovery to the editor!!! Love y'all, be safe <3

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