GALAKROND: Destroyer of Battlegrounds! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Galakrond is awesome because you can be super greedy!

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♬ Kevin MacLeod
♬ Ronald Jenkees


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29 thoughts on “GALAKROND: Destroyer of Battlegrounds! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Trump really making questionable moves in battlegrounds. Seems he isn't as experienced as Krip, the Battlegrounds main.

  2. that anti-clutch snake coilers lol. Should have just kept the moma bears and slapped down miexxna, after selling the gentle megasor and the other snake coiler

  3. I like almost every video trump put out, except for battleground content. It's indescribable pain watching him play the game.

  4. Him not using his hero power on 4 stars to try to triple goldrin gave me so much anxiety

  5. Bruh, I’m below the starting ranking and barely play, and I could’ve won 10 times over if I had your luck, jeez.

  6. It is incredible… I thought Kripp had boomer APM in this game… Trump though dear lord… Doesn't hero power on a turn he ended on 1 gold and froze the roster with a 5 on the board. Doesn't see the double hyena… Makes very questionable purchases and sells…. AHHHHHH

  7. can you perform the Exodia combo that Firebat recently showcased for battlegrounds? i’d like to see you pull it off Trump

  8. Im new to HS. Are these new expansion cards gonna be permanent cards? Or all event cards will be removed after the event?

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