Galakrond Warlock Is Back | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

Decklist: AAECAf0GCKMBxQT8owPtrAPurAORsQPjtAPxvwMLigfECJ2pA+WsA+isA+qsA+usA+ysA/6uA6qvA+m+AwA=

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Streamed on 2020-07-21
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22 thoughts on “Galakrond Warlock Is Back | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. If it makes you feel any better, your chat was wrong, lethal wasn't possible that turn. Even with a zephrys+alex play zephrys can only give you a 1 or 0 mana spell to deal the last 6 necessary damage.

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