Galakrond Warlock Is Back | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

Decklist: AAECAf0GCKMBxQT8owPtrAPurAORsQPjtAPxvwMLigfECJ2pA+WsA+isA+qsA+usA+ysA/6uA6qvA+m+AwA=

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Streamed on 2020-07-21
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22 thoughts on “Galakrond Warlock Is Back | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. Alliestrasza winning with Alexstrasza, coincidence? I think not…
    Great video Allie!!

  2. Awesome play, Allie! Love the plague of flames and alex play! IMO the right and best play! Great comeback!

  3. i am always scared to play taking warlock lol. i almost never win. bt thanks for the deck link. i will try it. Thanks Alliestrasza :}

  4. What a crazy time we live in where your opponent is almost able to get lethal at 28 hp, and they're not even a combo deck

  5. What's the rule in there? Who's better in hearthstone take the better chair? And your cat plays better?

  6. If it makes you feel any better, your chat was wrong, lethal wasn't possible that turn. Even with a zephrys+alex play zephrys can only give you a 1 or 0 mana spell to deal the last 6 necessary damage.

  7. I thought this galkrond lock is dead because too many random dormant but allie proof this stil liable

  8. I have to say it's funny that Allie has a normal chair and the kitty gets the gaming throne to lay on xD

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