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29 thoughts on “GAME ENGINE DEVELOPER Reacts to UNREAL ENGINE 5 Demo

  1. I want Unreal to tell us how big this demo was. I doubt it's anything realistic for a game haha.

  2. please do a ps5 architecture video too. I love seeing how excited you get about some things that i would've just glanced over, so now i know its a pretty big deal

  3. Anybody remember this dude and his minecraft scandal lol, the internet forgets fast

  4. is it real that they would keep that LOD through out whole gameplay? I mean, it seems like that sort of teasers have very little to do with final product

  5. Excellent vid 😁
    Big thanks for taking us through that with your take on what has been achieved.

  6. We are now playing the cinematics instead of once in a while watching a cinematic 🤣

  7. The same video is also on Vimeo if you wanna see a higher bitrate version.

  8. I dont't understand, why is it such a big deal that ue5 can put so many 'triangles' in one frame? Doesn't the credit need to go to the hardware rendering it? I assume you could've overdone it detail wise in ue4 already too.

  9. This Statue. For sure it has NormalMaps. He said no baked normal maps. But Generic normalmaps are not baked. So probably it has tileable layered material with normalmaps

  10. im blown away really. Im a 3d artist, and this is just mindblowing xD i mean it changes the whole pipeline when it comes to making 3d artwork for games, really exciting stuff

  11. I wonder if they fetch data from SSD directly to GPU. (Without CPU/RAM involvement)
    Since it's a closed platform, they might have pulled off something like GPUDirect Storage.

  12. The whole thing about ray tracing is that it reminds me of dynamic lighting. At first it was existing and a lot of games were using it in the mid 2000s. But then they just stopped and went back to normal backed lighting. What makes you think this will be no different.

  13. Just one word to summon their demo, this technology and the potential of the upcoming console generation (PS5 and Xbox series X) is:
    can't wait to see the destructive physics it'll be able to handle in real time 😉

  14. So great! Explains things so clearly so novices can understand the significance of everything. Thank you!

  15. They say normal maps are now longer needed but imagine the extra amount of data saved by using them, and how much bigger a game could be

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