Go Face With Levins! (Levin Sword) | Rotation | World Uprooted Deck + Gameplay 【Shadowverse】

I came across this deck in the SVO and thought it was an interesting take to Swordcraft. Sword has a alot of small storm followers so there is often aggro swords in the meta. This is an aggro Sword that focuses on Levin followers!

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15 thoughts on “Go Face With Levins! (Levin Sword) | Rotation | World Uprooted Deck + Gameplay 【Shadowverse】

  1. I play too against a Levin Sword in Svo it seems to rise quite a bit in popularity. Actually at the Start of the Expansion it was a Meme because Blood. But most players dont play Control Cards anymore in Decks like Mech Blood.

  2. Whats your favorite sword deck atm?

    Also did anyone buy the leader bundle offer that's going on right now? what did you pull?

  3. After using mainly Mach blood this expansion once I switched to this deck I found it to be WAY more fun even if I lose lol

  4. Levin is my favorite sword deck actually there is some fun to play with and concern the leader I pull Daria

  5. I got Albert as a leader, as a result I got the Levin deck XD. Would've preferred a different leader cause I got Dionne already.

  6. I believe Steadfast samurai instead of Gelt might be better. There's not a lot of commanders in this deck so Gelt isn't really called for imo.

  7. I took this deck out for a spin really fun to play, and mirror imaging Kagemitsu can get absolutely bonkers and end games turn 6 easily with overkill

  8. is there a replacement for Mechawing Angel right now? i dont wanna use the vials to craft her seeing as how she'll get rotated out soon. are there other cards in this build that will get rotated out as well?

  9. I really like using Levin decks, with free evo, enhance Lounes, mirror Albert and more.
    Interesting that you didn't use Levin Scholar in this deck. Also i would like to see Levin Beastmaster shine more in the vod but oh well, still an enjoyable vid regardless.

  10. Is there any benefit in saving lounes for the enhance or is it better to just throw her out as a 1pp

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