GODMODE NINE SAUROLISK BUILD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Hooktusk really is broken when pushing the Saurolisk build… now with RNG on your side as well… it gets really crazy.
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40 thoughts on “GODMODE NINE SAUROLISK BUILD! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Why not put one sauralisk to attack first. If you got to attack first you had the chance to snipe their parrot, wolf, or baron. Even sniping the hydras are good if you snipe them before they get stats. Only bad hit would be the gold grubber. Think it wouldve been worth going for the mostly 50/50 chance. Even if he went first it would only be bad if he sniped the parrot or both of the 4/2s in a row. Someone correct me if im wrong on something or if chances are just better the way kripp did it.

  2. don't mind me, just here to find the chancerino winnerino or whatever the luck based kripperino was

  3. “Stats matter” that’s why the divine shield refresh minions keep getting removed from the game. Refilling for parrots might’ve cost you first but it was the only way to get a flawless game. The extra divine shields from golden parrot would’ve acted as double damage or cleave protection.

  4. Everyone on the forums said I was crazy for complaining about this card. Its a build that starts turn one. Its based on consistency. And its one of the best comps in the game.
    If any card needs nerfing its this. You can't put build arounds in the 1 star pool. The closest thing we had to it before was Wrath Weaver and that's nowhere near as powerful and it has a huge downside. Plus it needed other cards to make it good. You had to still level like a normal build and play the game everyone else is playing.
    Either remove saurolisk or reduce the amount of deathrattles in T1. It makes no sense the way it is. Imagine if half the T1 pool was murlocs and also Tidecaller gained +1/+1.

  5. best feeling in the world: winning 2x golden macaw and golden rivendare with golden goldrinn and 2x hydras with ds poisonous murlocs (1 turn transition)

  6. How tf do u not find a parrot in all that re roll like wtf it’s one person left and u can’t find and his isn’t holding that pisses me off

  7. Why sell the parrot instead of one of the selfless heroes? divine shielded parrot can trigger the selfless again, so its one fewer dead targets
    Sure the selfless can get sniped but i reckon the odds would be better with the two macaws

  8. I have 16 win streak from the great bg times where nightmare amalgam was a thing.

  9. it's insane to me that you didn't get punished for not understanding after like 10 games against maly that you needed one of the saurolisk first because of how many targets there was you could snipe if you attacked first

  10. Wow the pirate attack animations are so smooth, classic Blizzard polish Kapp

  11. I was fighting against Reno with 4 parrots (two golden), great wolf and golden Baron. It was sad but powerful

  12. The number of times I abruptly burst out laughing and shouted "WHAT" while watching this video…

    based on your reputation as the salt king i think you just used up like a decade worth of luck

    (yes I know that's not actually how probability works shut up nerd)

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