GOLDEN BOLVAR in a TAUNT DIVINE SHIELD Build! | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

Bolvar seems like a terrible minion, but when you pair him with a bunch of Divine Shield Taunt minions, he’s actually pretty amazing!

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Battlegrounds | Hearthstone | GOLDEN BOLVAR in a TAUNT DIVINE SHIELD Build!


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20 thoughts on “GOLDEN BOLVAR in a TAUNT DIVINE SHIELD Build! | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

  1. Honestly passing up that junkbot when you had 2 big mech token deathrattles was a huge mistake.

  2. if by win with one unit it means just 1 unit on the last round and not the whole game, you can do it with pogos or a golden brand into golden battlemaster

  3. playing divine shield mech in this mode is dirty. Get that whenever you summon a mech gain divine shield boi. Some good mechs and magnetize with the microbot guys then get bolvar and junkbot.

    absolute filth

  4. I did manage to get a taunt/bolvar build going by using the cobalt guardian.

    Mecharoo, Harvest golem, Iron Sensei, cobalt guardian, Brann and Bolvar. Last slot was left for cycling buffs. I didn't really plan to use the iron sensei, but picked it up really early so I just gave it divine shield, micro bots and taunt. In the end I swapped out Brann for a Kangor.

  5. Actually you couldn't win that last round if Boldvar had hit Junkbot. It was impossible to win without sniping junkbot early

  6. I finished top 2 with a golden bolvar, divine shielded security rover, and a cobalt guardian (among like 4 other divine shield mechs)

  7. i dont get why you gave bolvar so much shit when you have a board full of divine sheilds.Can someone tell me why bolvar is so hated?

  8. He traded a 36 health minion to give 14 health to his medium minions and called it worth it….. ok bud sure

  9. Regis I honestly dont know why you dont have 1 million plus subs man you are so genuine and fun to watch. You remind me of my therapist a little bit haha. Anyways thanks Reg

  10. Am I the only one who loves his videos but doesn't like the intro previews? It's like watching a movie but they show the best scene from the movie at the beginning

  11. Do you know why shield respawns on RANDOM MINIONS. Is baron connected to that? not the mech minion, not the shield giving boss. Sometimes a minion looses shield and tHen someHow regains it. Or it just gets a shield randomly during combat. How is thiS Happening?

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