GOLDEN BRANN & GOLDEN AMALGADON?! Sunglitters Co-op! Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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43 thoughts on “GOLDEN BRANN & GOLDEN AMALGADON?! Sunglitters Co-op! Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I played Tess the second day it was out because you predicted it to be OP, and I kid you not I stole a Brann three times. This game feels similarly insane.

  2. Am i alone that would appreciate not having the "final" comp in title? Like Golden brann & golden amalgadon in title, then i know instantly what to wait for, not any surprise in the late/endgame then rly. Atleast in my opinion, but could be alone with it aswell.

  3. When it is murloc vs murloc end game battle YOU ALWAYS SELL BRAN. Because no buff or stat is important there anymore. You replace bran with another poison murloc or sweep. 7 divine shield poisonus murlocs better then 6.
    and you never taunt your murlocs too. You want your opponent to attack the tokens so they waste their divine shields.

  4. You should have bought and played the mech before playing the first Amalgadon. With Bran out, that gets you two more adaptations for 2 gold, rather than floating the second 1/2 murloc for 3. WIthout Bran on the board, you could justify passing on the additional minion type… but with the double battlecry, that's just too much value to pass up.

  5. Getting that last Amalgadon was a mistake, and not selling Brann was also a mistake and so was putting windfury on the coldlight seer. But none of it mattered since your opponent taunted his murlocs. I think his best bet would have been to look for ghoul to cancel out his disadvantage, especially if he attacks first.

  6. The opponent screwed themselves by picking taunt. It meant that all of your attacks went to their murlocs, highly reducing the chances of your plants' attacks getting wasted on their plants, which didn't have taunt.

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