GOLDGRUBBER IS WORTH A MURLOC SLOT?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The benchmark for weather a card is great is if it can compete with a Murloc slot in an end game build.
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34 thoughts on “GOLDGRUBBER IS WORTH A MURLOC SLOT?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. "you may think it was the megasaur that gave me the win there but really…." It was the divine shield and poison. There was no megasaur on the field….

  2. Cap'n Kripp got no opportunities t' buy a galleon today, but it be worth mentionin' that another Cap'n had one plated in solid gold, a true beauty t' behold

  3. One of your vids you should definitely be like “Hey guys!…” and cut to the match.

  4. It's worth a murloc slot, but Kripp couldn't win until he made it stop taking up two.

  5. I did this Goldgrubber thing today both with Mechs and Murlocs and went first place. On the Murloc run, I was Jaraxxus, and took your advice from the other day about not nescesarily forcing tribes based off your hero power and go with what the game gives you. Really good advice you give.

  6. The thing is if you sold that goldgrubber in last round, you would still win. If you replaced it with any divine shield poisonous Murloc, you would be much stronger.

  7. This is pretty funny. I saw this video while playing shudderwock murlocks with 4 goldens. Had it around 140/140 at the end lol.

  8. I get that it's still mostly just marketing, but I like how the Kripp is always gassing up Rania. Plugs her channel every video. Wholesome.

  9. It’s a beast with 2-3 gold murlocks. Also with primary version. With gold it’s insane.

  10. Gets divine shield murlocs and the goldgrubber carries him through the last battle — killing more than half of the enemies team.

  11. Gold grubber is worth a slot in any deck, won pretty regularly since patch with murloc/goldgrubber

  12. This is one of those 'I don't know if the build is so good so much as the whole lobby went all-or-nothing and knocked each other out' games.

  13. Why is Goldgrubber worth a Murloc slot but never the Beast? This is clear discrimination against beasts.

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