GR 1v1 Summer Tournament Semi Finals B

Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath Video Commentary August 24th 2014 1v1 Summer Smack Down Tournament

Semi Final B

Phoenix (USA)
DirTy_DutcH (Netherlands)

Played using 1.02+ version 1st May 2014
Patch Available Here:

Tournament Results & Details:

Replays from the entire tournament are available here:

Note: Patch required to view replay

01 — Shayning — Bad Robot
02 — Shayning — Sailing
03 — Wolf — Apocalypse (Compilation of tracks)
04 — Dubstep Dishwasher — The Living Tombstone

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11 thoughts on “GR 1v1 Summer Tournament Semi Finals B

  1. I made so many mistakes i dont normally make due to the tournement being at 5am and me not sleeping all night anyway gg. i know i can play much better.

  2. Your replays are better than Sybert. And commentator with you where the beam. You actually experience, and he improvises and all the background it looks not natural.

  3. i dontl like your new intro. the music in the old one was just right in length but this one is too long

  4. Is this game's server still running? When I try to connect online it says: cannot connect to backend server.

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