[Hearthstone] 100% Win-Rate Barnes Rogue... (works 30% of the time)

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22 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] 100% Win-Rate Barnes Rogue… (works 30% of the time)

  1. How is barnes drawing the same minion every time it's played. Is that his only minion in the deck?

  2. 2:59 wtf u missed one damage
    3:20 wtf y using execute its not like your deck is expensive + shaman can't fill the board with monsters when theres a 10/10

  3. 2.5 years later and this is still one of my favorite Toast vids. Also, stroll down memory lane before Toast showed his face.

  4. Now, Consider that this only works 30% of the times which then gives you 100% of winning

    A game decided in the first 4 turns and gives me 30% wr?

    Sign me the fuck up.

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