[Hearthstone] 30 Legendary Deck: Pay To WIN?!

Hearthstone | Analysis & gameplay featuring the post League of Explorers 30 legendary ladder deck. It seems the technology IS THERE and this deck really isn’t …


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48 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] 30 Legendary Deck: Pay To WIN?!

  1. Honestly, Chillmaw isn't very good in this deck due to lack of dragons. I would probably take out Rivendare, Bling, or Toshley to put in Ysera and another of the previous legendaries to put in Rag or sneed.

  2. at 18:15 it says "kripp has gone offline??" He might be playing an alt for ranked matches but its wierd that "kripp" logs off while he is playing.

  3. He could afford those legendaries but he couldnt afford a new hairline

  4. I play hearthstone… I don't play a specific hero… because I'm an all-rounder! And my treathen emote is: "My magic will crush against your elements who shall burn you! Because Justice demands me to be your death!"

  5. WELL i dont know why you have elise starseker when all youre cards is alredy legendarys ^^

  6. 3:24 You heard it here folks, Kripparian thinks a 3 mana 2/4 with taunt is good. So how come squirming tentacle is unplayed, hmm? Kripp = fake/illuminati confirmed

  7. anyone else triggered by the painting in the background? it's REALLY not that hard to correctly hang paintings.

  8. no such thing as succx or not about it . ts not pressure, can no pressurx nmw

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