Hearthstone's New Expansion Is A Disaster - Inside Gaming Roundup

Blizzard continues their winning streak!

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30 thoughts on “Hearthstone's New Expansion Is A Disaster — Inside Gaming Roundup

  1. It’s pretty obvious that they made it broken so that people would buy packs, then nerfed it so that it was more balanced. Gotta get that money.

  2. Brian, I used to not like how you wobble as you do your reads on camera back then with Mica and Ashley, but now I can’t go thru a day without an IG video and watching Uncle Brian take care of his kids. Thank you for these videos, your hard work, and please stay safe.

  3. Do people actually still play this game? And why would they even after Blizzard's bullshit? Seems like an easy thing to give up for well-deserved boycott to me.

  4. Oh they are finally putting NPCs in Fallout 76, better hope they had the foresight to make those NPCs unkillable… Or don't, it'll probably be fun to hear about how people are killing all the NPCs to troll

  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! does this every 4 months. They nerf decks (by banning cards) and then release more broken cards to replace the ones they banned. Every 4 months they repeat this and people still dump money into it every month.

  6. Brian showing the kids how’s it’s done !! Still the best presenter. Great Video guys. With good all round gaming news content.

  7. How is the disaster wtf man they can nerf and they did they know and people love the game to much so not rally a disaster man it was funny man first daye 1 nerf ita just people love illidan its fun and gl man good vd

  8. funnily enough ive played a lot of fallout 4 the past few days just to get a good play of a Bethesda game (non-Doom)

  9. How many people tuned out after you heard "lick king." It was like something a watch mojo announcer would say.

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