Hearthstone - 50+ NEW CARDS REVEALED (Scholomance Academy)

scholomance academy — 50+ new cards were revealed recently, so let’s take a look and review them
found the new cards here — https://outof.cards/hearthstone/1639-hearthstone-scholomance-academy-final-card-reveal-stream-live-recap
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Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky


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44 thoughts on “Hearthstone — 50+ NEW CARDS REVEALED (Scholomance Academy)

  1. Wave of Apathy+Shadow Word:Horror in Wild seems like a pretty legit one-sided board clear.

  2. Basically agree with all your opinions, but I think the Steward of scrolls is fine just for the fact of how important Spells are this set.

  3. Holy shit divine rager might not be useless. Probably won't be played, but you don't hate yourself for getting one randomly!

  4. They’re using super op cards as a ploy to get people back into the game

  5. Use brann and the new priest legendary that swaps decks and hands and you get a free deck.

  6. This is so stupid: there are a lot of cards that are very similar and a little bit better than cards from older expansions. Reaaally Blizzard, dont have any interesting, new ideas for commons?

  7. I really , really , REALLY can't wait till u make a deck around that 1/1 hunter card .
    Hope the vid will come out soon .

  8. I hope hand druid is back with any luck shadow priest will be back or Pyro mage (because I'm tired of luck based decks sucking all fun out game by making me gamble on my enemy not get a good card)

    (To new hearthstone players odds of mage get a good card is high because mage cards are really good) (RNG cards let them stack them with luck)

  9. For 2 mana 1/3 swap hand and deck. for 7 mana 3/3 COPY opponent hand, for 8 mana 5/5 swap deck and give opponent 5 mana swap decks. What a hell blizzard? Where balance? I dont see

  10. I play HS for 1 year and even I seea lot of flashbacks to a wild in these new cards( never played it directly, only in brawl). But still looks interesting

  11. Lake thrasher may be good with lackey decks cause you have the chance to give him rush and +1 attack at turn 6, and may work with all rush decks , that contains cards that can.give rush to your minions

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