Hearthstone: Angry Chicken Pally Deck with Wowcrendor | WoWcrendor

Leave your tips about improving or making a good angry chicken deck!

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Hearthstone: Angry Chicken Pally Deck with Wowcrendor | WoWcrendor



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48 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Angry Chicken Pally Deck with Wowcrendor | WoWcrendor

  1. Eleven archer would work well because you can shoot your buffed chicken before it attacks to enrage it.

  2. I'd prob choose hunter because of bestial wrath, houndmaster, and other cards that buff beasts. The unleash the hounds and buzzard combo might help you draw the chicken, too.

  3. I think the druid deck would be a good chicken deck. Or hunter, because it counts as a beast.

  4. It might have been worth it to destroy Sylvanas with your own minions, since you would have got a guaranteed 12/8 out of it.

  5. That hunter played worse then the Innkeeper, what exactly did you wanna show? Such a person can be beaten by any deck , it just seems pointless.

  6. O man,that poor first guy at rank 25 barely has idea how to play,and here comes Crendor with Legendary deck kicking his ass 😀

  7. Warrior angry chicken deck! Rampage + Young priestess + whirlwind and the chicken will give it 1-2 and then 1-1 from whirlwind, then 9-4 with rampage.

  8. ive never played hearthstone… but i play mtg… 

    is it possible to make a deck in HS, that turns all enemies creatures to sheep or chickens and then kill them with low damage spells ? 

    possibly make one of those decks ? 

  9. Yo crendor sneezy dwarf was a Friend of mine and he's looking back at this video and crying to himself about your comments about his plays he's all like " but i love you so much" Great job! Your amazing!

  10. Why doesn't chicken destroy all the other minions like Deathwing? Chicken is obviously superior imo. I mean if we're being honest here it should really be 1 drop chicken —> win. Simple. Obvious. WTF Blizzard?

  11. Does anyone else think that the Angry Chicken card pic looks less like an angry chicken and more like a concussed chicken?

  12. havent seen the next vids yet so i dont know if you tried it
    what about blood imps in warlock deck with a few buffing neutral cards?

  13. Why do people post videos to feature a deck and include games that don't show the main point of the deck? 

  14. Dude I think you have a lot of potential to make great hearthstone videos but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP CLICKING THE MAP, EVERY VIDEO YOU HAVE ALL U DO IS CLICK CLICK CLICK, i want to watch the videos but you start clicking for hours which makes me leave the video. Its like someone eating popcorn loud as fkkk in the theater… Great vidoes but if you can reduce the random clicks that would be great

  15. i believe you need to make sure your chicken survives the first turn, mogushan warden is perfect for that

  16. "Who attacks with the big minion first?"

    Someone who knows pally secrets maybe?…

    EDIT: Paused the video to post comment, unpaused and you said it straight away lol

  17. I'm pretty sure you would have won if you used your weapon top attack your own deathrattle creature. that would have given you his main attacker most likely

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