Hearthstone Arena | 12-Win Warrior: Evil Technology

ADWCTA’s Warrior breaks the longest drought in Grinning Goat 12-Win Series History!? The Ashes of Outland meta is weird and this proves it.

This is an amazing video! Nothing quite like it! Check out that move by ADWCTA and/or Merps! Woah! Also that time that thing happened! Wasn’t that tragic/amazing/bland! And this is not the default description that should be overwritten and was forgotten about, don’t be silly!

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12 thoughts on “Hearthstone Arena | 12-Win Warrior: Evil Technology

  1. woah woah woah, you can't end the video before the goldening of the card. What card did you make golden?

  2. 4:15, Boring, Boring ADWCTA, I usually am on #TeamADWCTA but I know when there's a good card and a fun card, ADWCTA is going to disappoint and pick the good card, whereas Merps might laugh and see chat blowing up and choose the fun card. Adwcta needs to be in a Twitch Chat mood to be like, Alright, we're going to pick the fun Card

  3. Its like you dont even know the meta you are playing in. Everyone is picking big cards and this deck has some of the best warrior cards you can get. Crap deck…well the writing is on the wall.

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