Hearthstone Arena Coop #252: Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter right out of the gates! ADWCTA and Merps give the first deep dive into the draft and Arena of the newest class.

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18 thoughts on “Hearthstone Arena Coop #252: Demon Hunter

  1. Yo adwcta, with your mouse double clicking it’s a super simple fix that just requires fine tweaking of a small metal spring inside the clicking module. Just takes some patience and fine motor skills. Definitely do not trash it.

  2. I always thought that "inner demon" was like a """Different Pyroblast""", i won most of the games in arena cuz of that card… (it was kinda aggro)

  3. It's been a full year since I watched one of your videos. Less than 3min in:

    "you need to share your screen"

    ah, some things just don't change

  4. The play at 36:52 was basically just a "please consecrate me." I know you guys had the read, but going from past videos I would have expected Merps to give a "but what if he top decks a consecrate?"

    8 mana (1/6) Throw down Bug Collector to the left of the hawk, (2/2) Argus the hawk and dragon, (3/0) slayer and tap, (4/0) Hawk into welp, face and 1/1 into 2/3. This is the play I would have made.

    That said, you guys are awesome, and thanks again for another great video.

  5. I'd also like to know what overlay is being used. I notice it has the correct scores that you guys produced.

    I tried using HearthArena Companion, since I thought it used your list, but the scores are not the same as yours.

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