[Hearthstone] Arena Guide - How to make your deck and card decisions

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33 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] Arena Guide — How to make your deck and card decisions

  1. I reccomend using heartharena it also looks at your deck and not only how good the card is it also looks how good it synergisess with ur deck

  2. Yo Thijs, I was looking for a guide and I was really happy to find yours, solid explanation, your english isn't fantastic, but that's okay! 🙂
    You probably do, but if you didn't know yet, on HearthArena Tierlist you can Ctrl + F and find whichever card you're looking for by typing its name in. You probably knew that already, but hey worth a shot!

  3. Diiger du hast doch guten content dann red doch einfach deutsch!! und nicht englisch wie son spastiker

  4. Thijs there's a large audience of HS players that mainly just play arena, you should consider uploading more arena content to dip into that audience. I think a lot of people like me have watched Kripp, Hafu, Amaz, and a few others for arena content for quite some time but it's getting a bit old now. A fresh face in the arena circles could widen your audience. I'd really like to see you take the time to specialize in arena, I'd bet you'd go far in a short time.

  5. Wait, you say Mage and Paladin are the strongest because of their class cards. But Trump says Rogue because of the hero power allowing you to pick fewer better 2-drops. What's the best information?

  6. I've picked each card which Heartharena considered as highest value (+ checked if it matches my deck), I was playing as best as I can, I've won only 1 game against weird Hunter which was going only face. Rest 3 loss were against 1 Rogue and 2 fkin Mages, each of enemy Mage had tons of spells and responds to my cards what really sucks. I wonder how people get to 12 when I can't get to 6. I was playing Mage.

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