Hearthstone - Arena Tryharding - Warrior 1

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the latest installment of the Arena Tryharding series starring Garrosh with his fan of Death’s Bites! Seriously, we have like 5.

So this deck finally looks like something Hafu would play! I still remember her winning combination of 8 raptors in a deck.

I love absolutely love the fact that in arena you can have more copies of a card than in normal constructed mode. Those are the decks that bring me the most joy, give me 5, 7, 8 of anything and let’s see how we roll, nobody ever thinks it’s coming but it’s a-coming baby! Someone is gonna think oh he wasted this deaths bite just for Gnimsh to pull another 4 from his ass a moment after its yust genius and super fun to watch.

What do you guys think about the next expansion? I honestly think its a bunch of crap that it’s going to be the old gods, you can quote me on that, there’s always a fake ass rumour going around before the expansion drops because one person interpreted something their way and everyone picked it up and now all of a sudden it’s a thing. I heard people got that it’s going to be the Old Gods because of the phrase ‘whispers in the tavern’ which is the mother of all overinterpretations I’ve ever heard about. It can also be an expansion about lullabies or teddy bears for all you know, or about silence.

I personally want more lady heroes. I want to warlock someone in the face with some nice lady. I want to warrior someone in the face with a nice lady. Let’s be honest I’m never gonna play priest but give me undead heroes and troll heroes because that’s my favourite races in Warcraft and currently I have NONE OF THOSE represented!

— Inivinia

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One thought on “Hearthstone — Arena Tryharding — Warrior 1

  1. You made a terrible mistake IMO. Even though you said that the weapon's deathrattle triggers first, you did not make the right play.

    Killing Abom with the weapon would have pinged the divine shield off, then Minibot would have died because Abom's deathrattle and your Ogre Brute would have been left at 1 health and you could have gone face for 4 and play Anubisath Sentinel on the back of it. But you got away with it.

    And about the new expansion… as a F2P player, what can I say, I don't have time to grind gold or anything, but I'm at least looking forward to some new interesting effects, probably something like Mistcaller's "aura". Permanent unsilencable effects, something like fates in the last brawl.

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