(Hearthstone) Ashes of Outland Card Reveal - NAGRAND SLAM!

Kibler reveals an all new card from the upcoming Ashes of Outland expansion — NAGRAND SLAM!


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39 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Ashes of Outland Card Reveal — NAGRAND SLAM!

  1. O boy, can't wait to get both Slam and Kael'thas discovered from Tracking…

  2. So 10 mana deal 12 on an empty board? Yeah, that’s perfect. deletes Hearthstone

  3. If they didnt add any spell blocker next expansion, the meta will be so damn annoying and uninteractive with kaelthas and this kind of spell..

  4. Lets dream big.
    Play quest hunter, drop double adventurer on turn 2 and 3.
    Turn 4 play double coin and kaelthas into the big smorc.

    Wait, your opponent will concede just becore that.

  5. tfw people are losing any source of income and being threatened with eviction but new card makes up for it. great take friend.

  6. On the one hand, I love getting more expensive spells. On the other, I worry they may all be gimped because of Kale and only playable in decks that include him.

  7. Love it! I think Nagrand Slam was a quest in nagrand in TBC! Haha!! Love this! Definitely playing this in Highlander Hunty!

  8. I love how Kibler is taking every opportunity he can get to tell everyone he was the first level 70 on Nerzhoul in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

  9. I want them to add an option for hunter to be a control also sustain heal like life steal or health gain spell cause I really don’t play hunter because it has no control elements

  10. Never mentioned that they can hit face. On an empty board, this summons 4x 3/5 and deals 12 to the enemy's face! Kibler should not reveal hunter cards, he doesn't have the hunter mentality: face is the place!

  11. BEST INTRO EVER only thing that could beat it would be kibler jumping off his chair but that would be too out of character i guess love your vids

  12. Ofc good spells and support card comes out riiight after zuljin gets rotated

    Yes I am salty about that he's my 1st legendary I get and I'm sad

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