Hearthstone Battle Pass: New Types of Monetization, Our Call to Activision Blizzard

馃馃挰 Today we鈥檒l talk about new ways to monetize Hearthstone, as we want to make an official appeal to Activision Blizzard on this topic. We will also analyze how the release of Demon Hunter influenced the game. Then, we will calculate the value of Midsummer Fire Festival awards and showcase the results of some of our marketing experiments. Finally, at the end of the video we will give a sneak peek of the largest project in the history of our channel.


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44 thoughts on “Hearthstone Battle Pass: New Types of Monetization, Our Call to Activision Blizzard

  1. Meh, tbh. Hearthstone has a lot of issues and I have no clue where I'd even begin. Inconsistent mechanics, unspecified rules, etc etc, stale standard.

    I know Battlegrounds was a step in the right direction though.

  2. Blizzard (Activision) should learn card game economy from RIOT Games, especally Legends of Runeterra — this game is pretty balanced and in my opinion is the best example! I got the full LoR card collection just for 3 months and I really do love Legends of Runeterra more than HS! Btw, I'm playing HS since its birth (2014), I did many donations and bought many packs… and so, belive me or not — I still cannot get the full classic collection, neither the most playable legendary cards for normal mode. So I decided to leave forever HS because every time I tried to return I got only frustration — HS economy makes me pretty angry! The absolute stupid problem still persists too — broken RNG, broken curve, broken mulligan! So I moved to LoR and Gwent and said: farewell HS. GG Activision Blizzard!

  3. speaking about cosmetic rewards the idea that comes to mind is a "gold token" , that turns a choosen card into a golden version, instead of crafting a new coppy it transform the card, it should also mark the card as goldened so dust refounds are lowered.

  4. "i'm just a small bot, i have no right to teach blizzard to get money"
    meanwhile, bots are stunning the AH market at WOW.
    so, dont underestimate the strengh of a bot, my friend XD.

    one more thing: 10 dollars is expensive AF even for the "minimum" cash package. 5 dollars, even with smaller rewards would be better.

  5. It should have xp progression. Hello runeterra. Imagine how cool it would be to cue into Brian kibler or someone and see they have a god tier amount of games played based on a logo or something in their player icon. This should be in game and applied retrospectively to reward long term players.

  6. Just play legends of runeterra it鈥檚 a better game and the has the absolutely best monetization of any ccg ever.

  7. Anyone else super upset with how they chose to monetize battlegrounds, it felt so scummy

  8. Co op was a bad idea I reckon. I play hs because I don鈥檛 have gamer friends. I can鈥檛 get my friends or wife into hs. It鈥檚 not just the expense, they are just not interested. I play it for ladder and to play randoms. I don鈥檛 even play friendlies against those on my friends list I have no interest in non ladder hs. Also wild is by far the most fun format I reckon. It鈥檚 coincidentally quite cheap as I have invested heavily and now have the mAin needed cards.

  9. Also honestly because of the new card changes and a massive amount of gold I am not planning on pre purchasing the next set ( first time in 4 years I will not be doing so).

  10. This is stupid. I spend $150 a year and I am not close to have enough cards to be competitive. I am even thinking to cut hearthstone and get 3 other games… if they do this I will leave… this is ridiculous.

  11. I have been saying forever that they will institute a pay to access all cards system where you pay a subscription fee to play the game . Wtf is the point to hearthstone other than collecting the cards and getting a legend cardback? There is no fucking point after you have all the cards and have essentially beaten the game . The game has been boring for 3 fucking years and is a natural thing to happen hence the fact the company caters to new players so they take awhile before they get bored with the shit and move on as well. I can鈥檛 believe people still play WoW….. seriously GAFL. If hearthstone wasn鈥檛 on mobile I wouldn鈥檛 even play the shit. Only basement dwellers waste thousands on PCs to play fucking games …. anyone with a life doesn鈥檛 sit in front of a pc clicking on shit for thousands of hours in the first place. One reason blizzard fans are always ass hurt over shit because they have nothing better to do with their pathetic existences. I鈥檇 charge 49.99 a month to access all the cards and if you DONT want to pay then don鈥檛 play blizzard doesn鈥檛 GAF about its customers and the quicker you realize that the less asshurt you will be. Get the fuck out of the basement and go outside …..

  12. I would flip If Blizzard's reason not to make alternative card cosmetics is because they're afraid it would be confusing for players

  13. I remember when I saw your video that talked about the idea that Legends of Runetera would draw away players from Hearthstone, I tought it was a stupid tought, but after the release of LoR I completely migrated to it and leave Hearthstone due to the reward system
    If Blizzard took an approach like Riot did probably I wouldn't be the only one to come back.

  14. Still too much money for the battle pass!!!!!!!!!!! $20 USD is $24-25 ish CND.
    2019 really doubled down and targeted the wallets of the loyal player base that have the money to spend. 3 expansion with 3 adventures in between. As f2p I had to save up for each event, which means i got less cards from paks and it sucks to budget every move in this game.
    I did spend money once….I preordered witchwood, and afterwards, i feel like I did not get my full bang for my buck. It felt like a gamble instead of an investment.
    I would like to have a good match and see a nice card and combo from my opponent , and go "I have those cards too, I should make a deck with it"….. the reality is I dont have those cards, I have 1 of the epics, and I just saved to 1600 dust to get this legendary, but then blizzard nerfed the cards that work with the legendary, No refund option to refund the legendary since it was not nerfed directly, and now no competitive deck… well the other deck missing 2 legendarys and I got 1 epic, but still need 3 epics to complete it….
    What I want are the cards. All of them.
    or at least sell the set at a small to medium fee like $15 to $25. Still do it 3 times a year. but keep the price low.
    I dont want to spend $63 cdn and get 4 legendarys out of it. then go back to budgeting for decks. BORING!!
    Having All of cards will give me the freedom to test everything. I can play, and have fun. And also be competitive.
    Now that everyone has all the cards, its equal playing field.

    This current model where you spend a lot of money and get very little I guess it worked long enough to get the game to this point. Too many cards to gamble for. Yet if you change the amount you spend to what kids can afford, now you open up a different tier of spenders. I had my nephew tell me he could get 3 copies of minecraft for what I paid on that witchwood expansion.
    Why not make the game affordable to the younger player base?
    When you have the option to get all cards, spending real money would be more of an investment instead of a gamble.

  15. BP sounds good, but good for cosmetic items like hero skins or card backs and maybe some packs. But putting broken exclusive cards in will force F2P players to left the game.

  16. Diamond cards seem sooooo cool I would love that and they should increase the drop rate of golds as well

  17. After playing LoR for a decent amount of time I already have a decent collection and I have almost every deck I want to play except for a few.
    The progression has been TOTALLY different with Hearthstone, been playing since BlackRock mountain and I still struggle to have 2-3 competitive decks in standard, and I just have 3 decks for wild.
    The games are very different but Blizzard could learn a thing or two from LoR

  18. I'd prefer a subscription fee to play all standard cards per month, and an expensier one to play all cards (so standard + wild)
    Optimistacilly, id pay 10 usd for standard sub, and 15 for all cards, but if this was real, it probably would be more like 15, and 25, or sth like that.

  19. Hearthstone desperately needs a change in economy. Buying packs feels pointless and unrewarding. I bought the aranna bundle for the hero but the 20 packs felt mostly pointless. Packs are cool for coin purchases but anything else feels manipulative. (Ps i love wild I don鈥檛 get all the hate)

  20. The video of the whole league of evil and explorer is a good idea ! From the ashes of Outland adventure, I liked the story but I thought it lacked some artwork describing the story ! Just one artwork per fight would have been enough to add a lot of depth to the story !

  21. the only times I ever paid for a multiplayer game and felt like it was worth it is for cosmetic items, for example skins in csgo or the Khadgar hero in hearthstone.
    Right now I need to invest a crazy amount of time (which I absolutely cannot) or a big amount of money, (which I did in the past, but it will only bring me joy for one single expansion. And all that while the game isA LOT LESS FUN than 4 years ago.. Hearthstone is basically the EA fifa of card games 馃榾
    I really hope Blizzard will change their approach to this, otherwise I fear the game is going to decrease even more

  22. Just adopt the Runeterra model at this point — throw cards and packs at players constantly, adopt a progression system for all 10 classes every expansion, add a weekly cache of cards the more you play, add wildcards to help reward players with epics/legendaries without locking them into underperforming ones. Sell different board styles (they could even go the lazy route and let you buy the existing expansion boards for use in standard play). Put all the unobtainable heroes back into the store (Khadgar, Maeiv etc.). Add different voicepacks for the Innkeeper similar to HotS (Kel'thuzad, Nefarian, Bob etc.)

  23. Yeah okay, a battle pass to improve blizzard income, sooooo what? The truth is HS never showed back anymore feature for our investement. And let's be honest, there isnt much feature at all in the game. Everything they give us is made to be painfully acquired through non sense grinding or money. Is it so hard to think of features and rewards just to make the game more appealing? And not battleground kind of thing, real HS centered mods and challenge? Let's be honest anyway, u can't expect player to keep playin a game that just grow old and keep doing the same thing again and again, especially if competition is taken out…

  24. Barely play hearthstone nowadays, it鈥檚 not anything in particular with the game, I鈥檓 just bored of the genre. I鈥檝e played it for 5years.

  25. I absolutely agree. Blizzard has such huge potential to monetize cosmetics over cards, it's insane. There's so many things. They can add new cool Heroes after Heroes for their classes, new fields, new card backs (and maybe update how the deck looks like on the field, so it's not in that little Deck Hole, but to actually be face down, like in Yugioh and such, so you can enjoy the look of your card back more!), and maybe even new cursors! Why not? It's just cosmetics, and those that wanna spend money on it, they can! They can add cursors from all the Warcraft games, Spacecraft games, Heroes of the Storm, etc.
    There's so much room for cosmetic monetization over gameplay monetization (AKA cards) that it's almost insane. The issue is that Blizzard either doesn't really realize what the problem is, or refuses to. I'm legitimately sickened when I hear them talk as if they "know" what the problem is, and then they point it out as something that isn't genuinely that big of an issue.
    No person will ever want them to not be able to make money off of Hearthstone. That will just NOT be possible. But ffs, use your brain Blizzard for once in your life. Monetizing gameplay, and making a game P2W is one of the worst things any Dev can do for their game, period. Always monetize cosmetics. Use your, apparently, intelligent little minds, ask people around, ask them what cosmetics they'd like to see.
    Hell, they could just rehash all the Heroes from the Solo Adventures that they fought against. Why not? Just make those Heroes buyable. Some might call it lazy, but, honestly, if they did that in exchange for no monetization on cards, I'd be fucking thrilled, plus it could also mean that I would be able to play as the Lich King, or something. Why not?

  26. In my humble opinion the game is just dead. They really missed the train these past few years with one bad expansion after the other and that really killed the hype and momentum hearthstone had. They could give me all the cards for free and I still wouldn't play because the game is just way too boring and uninteresting. I really enjoyed playing Battlegrounds but I quit that too when they locked the extra hero slots and stats behind a steep paywall. If you consider how half the heroes are almost unplayable and a handful of them guarantee a top-4 finish, having 4 choices instead of 2 is straight up pay to win.

  27. Mode that can try Official Deck from every class at Training in Adventure to determine that deck is strong or we like it or we suitable with it

  28. this is why its really good to have real competition… the devs are force to work their ass

  29. Dora: You just create another source of income for a greedy company.

    Dora always saying the truth.

  30. As a wild player i would remove from the game Baku and Genn, they ruined like 1000cards with their decks

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