Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Nobody Expects the Mass Tier 6 Rush

Mass Tier 6 rush with reno in hearthstone battlegounrds

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Blue Danube by Strauss


39 thoughts on “Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Nobody Expects the Mass Tier 6 Rush

  1. Nice vid dude) Hope Ur channel will grow faster, u have got good taste in music

  2. Dude I'm pretty sure I was the Shudderwock in this game! Either I was or this is EXTREMELY similar to another game I played a couple days ago

  3. 2:15 Hot mama! Awooooooga! *Pants like dog*, *Tongue falls out*, *Rolls it back in*, Now that's a Dame!

  4. I dont want to be rude but watching this hurts physically and psychically at the same time

  5. 6:08 If you replaced Savannah Highmane with Ghastcoiler (which is better than that in every aspect by the way) you would achieved perfect all 6-Tier board

  6. Trying to work the YouTube algorithm to your favor by asking us questions to respond to, to leave comments. A man of culture I see. Depends on the thing but I love the color purple. Also deym 2700

  7. This was complete madness like holy fuck, that positioning AND THE LION WHY GOD DID HE KEPT THE LION UNTIL THE LAST ROUND?
    Also pink

  8. @legendstuff why does every BG video there is someone who always disconnects? I’m at 7-8k rating and ive only seen like two discounts that early seems a bit fishy to me

  9. I thought it was funny that Shifter Zerus gave him four 1-star cards in a row.

  10. Suuuuuuuper lucky how you went against Kel Thuzad twice. Otherwise this run would’ve been a -100 point 8th place loss every single time you tried.

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