Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Nobody Expects the Mass Tier 6 Rush

Mass Tier 6 rush with reno in hearthstone battlegounrds

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Blue Danube by Strauss


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39 thoughts on “Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Nobody Expects the Mass Tier 6 Rush

  1. 6:08 If you replaced Savannah Highmane with Ghastcoiler (which is better than that in every aspect by the way) you would achieved perfect all 6-Tier board

  2. Trying to work the YouTube algorithm to your favor by asking us questions to respond to, to leave comments. A man of culture I see. Depends on the thing but I love the color purple. Also deym 2700

  3. @legendstuff why does every BG video there is someone who always disconnects? I’m at 7-8k rating and ive only seen like two discounts that early seems a bit fishy to me

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