(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) Skycap'n Kragg: The Econ Guy

(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) Skycap’n Kragg
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Music: Piano Sonata no. 11, K. 331 by Mozart, from the European Archive (https://musopen.org/music/18-piano-sonata-no-11-k-331/)


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23 thoughts on “(Hearthstone Battlegrounds) Skycap'n Kragg: The Econ Guy

  1. Holding onto the 2nd Hogger then immediately selling both… 😣😔

  2. Imagine holding base stats windfury pirate AND boat over two hoggers with a pirate board THEN making an excuse saying your lagging when it's not at all….

    This was a terrible lobby and a terrible throw and now I remember why I watch dog or rdu for bg

  3. dno if Kibler reads comments, but Hearthstone gets bad lag spikes if it is running with different refresh rate than your monitor. Mine used to run at default, switched to 75hz and it was smooth.

    Also Pirate Ship is mega bait

  4. Battlegrounds is such a boring game mode. Not even Kibler can change that. It doesnt involve any skill or brain activity. I just dont get it.

  5. I love pirates but part of my soul died when he passed double imp mama. I love that card way too much

  6. I had a very similar build the other day where I had golden Hogger with Salty Dog, Admiral, and a couple of Ripsnarl Captains. But the animations were way slow and if my opponent had pirates as well and/or a cannon (which just about everyone but me had at least a cannon it seemed), then I ended up with literally less than 30 seconds (the worst was 26) to take my recruit step. I ended up getting 4th because I simply didn't have time to take my turns. Half the time I ran out with 6-7 gold left.

  7. It might be good to have deck tracker up while playing BG so you can see the odds of winning, if you care about that sort of thing. Ik it helps in games where I play against someone multiple times for first, to be able to tell how Im doing in terms of build. One option that could have been better would be to have sold the boat for nat pagle the turn befor you fought pyramad the first time. But it just as easily could have lost you the game, so idk.

  8. Keeping the Boat for so long was a huge mistake. You could've cycled way more pirates with an extra space on the board and 2 Hoggerrs. The Boat does not keep pace with pirate builds because it dies too late to get most of the buffs and can't be buffed in the tavern as much as other minions.

  9. i stopped watched when he didnt freeze for the obviously good pirates 🙁
    how is kibler 10.4k ranking??

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