Hearthstone - Best of Wild Pyromancer | Funny Moments, Epic Plays & Gameplay

Hearthstone — Best of Wild Pyromancer — Funny moments and Lucky Plays of Wild Pyromancer
Hearthstone Funny Moments, Epic Plays & Gameplay — Maddest Bomber

Daily review: a 3 mana cost card minion, warlock and priest decks use this card, after you cast a spell, deal 1 damage to all minion, so its a good card for board clear, bad calculations, missplays and fails are common.

Next video? (legendary from old gods like, C`thun, or, Yogg-saron — or player like, Amaz, Trump, Kripparrian?)

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1. Rollin at 5 — electronic — Kevin MacLeod
2. Banjo Tooie — Mr. Patch Metal
3. Scheming Weasel faster — Kevin MacLeod
4. Barroom Ballet — Silent Film Light — Kevin MacLeod
5. Pixelland — Kevin Macleod
6. Beachfront Celebration — Kevin MacLeod
7. Greek Dance — Audionautix
8. Victor Ohlsson — Playing Around The House 1
9. Final Fantasy — Chocobo Theme (Beto Ceba Remix)
10. Hyper Street Fighter 2 — Guile’s Theme
11. Super Mario Galaxy 2 — Puzzle Plank Galaxy
12. Tension Rising (Remastered)
13. Knights Templar 1 — Johannes Bornlöf

Outro music sound: https://goo.gl/hSK8cm

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