Hearthstone - Best of Ysera | Funny Moments, Epic Plays & Gameplay

Hearthstone — Best of Ysera — Funny moments and Lucky Plays of Ysera
Hearthstone Funny Moments, Epic Plays & Gameplay — Maddest Bomber

Daily review: a 9 mana cost card dragon minion for control warrior, dragon priest, or, dragon paladin, deck, with Deathwing Dragonlord, at the end of your turn, add a Dream Card to your hand, can be summoned by Deathlord, or, Mind Games, created by Thoughtsteal, or ,Unstable Portal, dream cards works well with Grommash Hellscream and they are good for combo plays.

Next video? (legendary from old gods like, C`thun, or, Yogg-saron — or player like, Amaz, Trump, Kripparrian?)

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1. Splatoon Theme — SPLATTACK! Guitar
2. Sax, Rock, and Roll — Kevin MacLeod
3. Upbeat Forever — Kevin MacLeod
4. Martin Gauffin – Crossing Manhattan 2
5. Pixelland — Kevin MacLeod
6. Original song
7. Mad Jack — Metal Guitar Cover
8. JR Tundra — Hitting the Streets
9. Game Show — Silent Partner
10. Rayman 3 — Shoe Race
11. Tobu — Damn Son
12. Mr. Turtle — The Green Orbs
13. The Show Must Be Go — Kevin MacLeod
14. All My Shuffling — Silent Partner
15. Machinimasound — Queen of the Night

Outro music sound: https://goo.gl/hSK8cm

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  1. How about a best moments from whispers of the old gods expansion legendaries? it could be good. Also nice video

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