Hearthstone - Bob's Bombastic Deck is INSANE

If you get good rng house special is an option you get in one of bob’s taverns after getting the VIP membership. And well… decks that you may get are insane. Playing Tombs of terror with this archmage deck is amazingly fun
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49 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Bob's Bombastic Deck is INSANE

  1. Hold on, I've seen this deck before…
    It's Medivh from One Night in Karazhan deck and some Khadgar from Dalaran Heist. Who… is Bob? Master of all mages?

  2. He could’ve kept cycling the spelling damage +5 and the stone crusher to kill the boss with one spell

  3. I love the flavor behind this. These are all the Mages displaced from Dalaran! This is some Éomer and Gandalf on the ridge shit!

  4. uhm… the music sir, i was ready to listen to that piece and it stopped… i’m a little bit disappointed

  5. In the middle of the video i wanted to dare you to lose with such deck, but now I see you dont have to be asked for such things. Thats what I call a service!

  6. Hey man, try to make Reno's deck on card, that makes his hero power Discover a treasure, its so fun

  7. Problem wasn't using the infinite armor enough, it was wasting the archmage's apprentices. They recycle spells but not minions so when they run out you're sol.

  8. You had an infinite damage combo (Play archmage insight, then the shuffle guy plus Fireslinger. After that, just cast pretty much any spell then bag of filling equals infinite fireballs.

  9. I've gotten the deck of pogohoppers three times when I picked Bob's deck. I haven't gotten the other Bob decks.

  10. Been farming upgraded tavern with mage power discover treasure until I get hearthstone. 7 trips my deck better than these lol

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