Hearthstone - Bob's Special Deck vs The Plague Lord of Death

Bob’s house special bombastic deck (pogo-hoppers that cost 0 mana) vs xatma, the plague lord of death in tombs of terror act 3 (saviors of uldum solo adventure)
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ES_Snooty Fox — Ritchie Everett
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com


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26 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Bob's Special Deck vs The Plague Lord of Death

  1. Should've gave yourself +2 attack just before you died to get that cheeky 2 damage in. +2 armor doesn't matter if you need +3 to survive just the damage on the board.

  2. I could only imagine what it would be like if he had the double battlecry passive

  3. Comments section is losing their shit over an unlucky board clear and I'm just thinking that was an easy win if you didn't go full SMOrc

  4. Ah, hearthstone solo adventures 2019. Where a board full of 0 mana 20/20s and 30/30s just isn't good enough.

  5. for a moment i was like "oh, yeah, they thought about it for a while, should probably play the third card and pa- WHAT?"

  6. I think what bothers me the most is when people critique Legend Stuff for misplays, but then he's all "I don't do it to play well, I do it for interesting content." Well, that's neat and all, but perhaps you should up your game, since you claim to be able to do so, so you don't get SO many complaints about misplays. It's okay to admit that you're not great at the game, nothing is wrong with that. I can only reach rank 15, so hey, we can't all be superb. If it were that, we'd get off your back. But dude… Stop operating under the guise of "I could do better, I just don't feel like it." Because that's a lousy attitude to have, especially since people enjoy seeing you succeed more than seeing some HEY COOL WACKY ZANY play that loses you the game.

  7. When he killed the kultist instead of going face sylvanas would be buffed and had a chance to take over kathrina instead of the hopper. Already missplay 😉

  8. Impressive throw! All you had to do was stall for a while to draw and refill your hand before entering the second phase.

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