(Hearthstone) Buffed Spell Shaman

(Ashes of Outland Standard) 2 Games: Spell Shaman VS Rogue & Demon Hunter
Deck Code: AAECAaoIHvkDgQT1BP4F/wWyBsAHrZEDipQDxZkDpaED/KMD4aUDhKcDkKcDu60DgbEDkbED27IDhLYD5LcD5rcD27gD5LgDk7kDl7kDmLkD5b4D5r4Dk8IDAAA=
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Music: Sonata in A Minor, D. 845 — I. Moderato by Schubert, performed by Paul Pitman


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32 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Buffed Spell Shaman

  1. Did the Lurker’s animation get updated too? His spray looks more blue than before

  2. Kibler: I don't want to feed too many treats to Shiro because of chat

  3. There's probably a secret Discord server dedicated to thinking up the stupidest possible questions to ask Kibler on his stream, to see how many times they can make it into a video.

  4. Good lord highlander decks were the biggest fucking mistake they have ever made, even specifically dragonqueen is so fucking broken…

  5. How does he always find the dumbest opponents hahah that Demon Hunter was a complete idiot, like he never played the game or class before

  6. i dont understand why these demon hunters build what's essentially a swarm/aggro "me go face" deck but then trade the whole time, with their face.

  7. Torrent seems pretty flexible. I haven't noticed anyone compare it to that 2 mana deal 8 overload (x) where x is I forget, but I have heard it compared to flame lance and the 2 mana deal 4 overload (x). I wonder why. I guess cause no deck actually ran that 2 mana deal 8 but decks ran flame lance?

  8. Is it correct to play a twin slice/second slice like this DH did when it wouldn’t even clear? Seems like it’s not

  9. There hasn't been a legandary as good as the new alexstrasza in quite some time she's surely gonna get nerfed

  10. Rigby?! the birthplace of the television, did you go to Rick's? Or help with Potato harvest, I can't eat instant mash potatoes after living in IF, gosh I miss it.

  11. I swear, Demon Hunter players have to be bots like 90% of the time. So many use twin slice for 1 face damage, maybe they all climbed to legend while the class was busted and now that theyre going against good players they dont know what to do

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