Hearthstone Card Logic Episode #1 - Knife Juggler Funny Moments

This Hearthstone video pokes fun at the logic of some Hearthstone Cards by pointing out the lucky & funny moments that some of the cards in the game produce. This Episode — The Knife Juggler

Watch Episode #2 — http://youtu.be/xoqijSTzTEc


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36 thoughts on “Hearthstone Card Logic Episode #1 — Knife Juggler Funny Moments

  1. Everytime i watch this and i've seen it about 4-5 times, i laugh everytime especially at the "I'm throwin' mah knives man, that's what I do!" line. Nice work!

  2. I was expecting the last dagger to hit one of the Abusive Sergeants. That would have been pretty funny. Oh well. 🙁

  3. My best Knife Juggler moment had to be when a Noble Sacrifice proc caused Knife Juggler to throw a knife into a high-damage minion that only had one health left.  It was a friendly LAN game, so I got to hear his dismay at the zaniness in person! 😉

  4. LOL. I once had a knife Juggalo out and my opponent played leroy. The knives from the 2 whelps both hit Leroy … bye bye!

  5. Um… they don't call him 'knife juggler ' for nothing. I imagine he's just juggling and randomly hitting stuff, not paying attention at all to the battle.

  6. Expected the last knife to go sideways and hit the Abusive Sergeant in the face. "He SAID hit anything but the 3/3!"

  7. Knife Juggler always worked for me…

    That Ragnaros scrub though… always aim for the 2/1 minion

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