Hearthstone Card Logic Episode #2 - Youthful Brewmaster Funny Moments

This Hearthstone video pokes fun at the logic of some Hearthstone Cards by pointing out the lucky & funny moments that some of the cards in the game produce. This Episode — Youthful Brewmaster

Episode #1 — http://youtu.be/4pkZDu8C1Uc


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15 thoughts on “Hearthstone Card Logic Episode #2 — Youthful Brewmaster Funny Moments

  1. "Why would you throw a f*cking barrel at my face because I looked 'parched'" "Vewy parched" I cried xD

  2. this guy needs to get recognized these videos are great and are very funny lets make his work pay off and share this to more people so they can see these great videos. And you can tell he puts alot of work into these this was a 2 minute video but probably hours to edit and it can be very boring sitting there editing tbh.if you are reading this sub this guy as he clearly deserves it and puts good effort into his vids

  3. Want to see these keep coming,they're amazing, thumbs upped and subscribed! :D. Venture on with these.

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