Hearthstone Card Logic Episode #4 - Ancient Watcher

This Hearthstone video pokes fun at the logic of some Hearthstone Cards by pointing out the lucky & funny moments that some of the cards in the game produce. This Episode — Ancient Watcher


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22 thoughts on “Hearthstone Card Logic Episode #4 — Ancient Watcher

  1. I would love to see demolisher or rag in the future episodes! These are great by the way!

  2. OMG…!!!
    some one tell the Stupid Biznitch Mage to go take a flying leap into the Blackrock Mountain LAVA cuzz she has no soul or love for GOD or the holiday…. im soooo offended by the MAGE im gunna stop playing my mage in HearthStone  may the LORD strike her down with BSOD on her Computer…!!!

  3. the ANCIENT WATCHER was so funny i truly loved it as well as the JUGs and the HOLY song you are a Cool person for making these humorous …. please keep it up ! ty ty ty  !

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