Hearthstone Card Pack Opening - First Legendary!

Which Legendary did i get? Watch it and find out! Some gold cards also! — www.twitch.tv/xdega/c/2805797&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=xdega&utm_medium=youtube


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45 thoughts on “Hearthstone Card Pack Opening — First Legendary!

  1. Really disappointed with this video, totally wasting my internet quota

    This guys was just opened 4~5 pack of cards and spent all the whole pointless 7 minute with crapshit. And he looks like did not paying attention to the camera


  2. my first legendary and the only one. It Nozdormu. You should be happy about yours 😀 A friend of mine got harrison jones which is pretty stupid  😀

  3. just started today and got a legendary for priest, i didn't know it was rare at all.

  4. This has to be Lord Jaraxxus or A molten giant, molten giant is not a legendary. lmfao

  5. my first legandry gruul (shit legendary) second legandary that +5 spell damage dragon (not bad but not good legendary)

  6. I have gotten two legendries tirion fordring and nozdormu and I started playing two weeks ago using only gold

  7. My first legendary was lorewalker cho, I didn't even realise it was a legendary until I got my 2nd one: black knight, third one was Sylvanas

  8. My first was deathwing… Then ragnaros… Then ysera,,, Then alexstrasza 😀

  9. My first legendary in pack opening is Tirion fordring!But i got Maexxna in the idk quest and i got old murk eye after tirion Because i crafted all murlocs

  10. my first legendary was Lord Jaraxxus. I got it on my first day. Five packs later, I got a golden hogger.

  11. I got my first legendary from my 2nd pack, it was Illidan, then I got Grommash in 4th pack. I also got Cenarius about a month ago. I'm pretty lucky cuz I started playing just 3 months ago

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