[Hearthstone Cinematic ]Ben Brode Invokes Order 66

Last scene was horrible to edit, cuteness overload :c

Programs used:
CC Adobe Photoshop -for the pretty pictures
CC Adobe Premiere Pro -editing, sound balance & assembly
Audacity(free) -To cut the extracted audio & convert into .wav for Premiere.


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27 thoughts on “[Hearthstone Cinematic ]Ben Brode Invokes Order 66

  1. So does this mean that Ben Brode and Big Game Hunter have an epic duel in the Blizzard Cafeteria? Throwing all the lunch trays and pudding everywhere…

  2. You know as much flak as people give the prequels… those scenes get me every time.

  3. I looked for a hearthstone order 66 video a couple days ago, couldn't find anything, I go on reddit today and there it is

  4. We broke 50k :O

    Thank you everyone for watching, was a pleasure to see this many people enjoying what I made 🙂

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