Hearthstone Collection Search Box Bug - SOLVED

This will explain how to solve the bug in Hearthstone where the search box in the Collection page jumps from the bottom of the screen to the top and back. NOTE: This happens on non-touch screens as well as touch screens.


20 thoughts on “Hearthstone Collection Search Box Bug — SOLVED

  1. This bug also stopped me from being able to search new or golden, your method fixed it for me thank you very much!!

  2. Glad it fixed the search bar problem. But I love to play Hearthstone with the touchscreen, and this gets quite bugged when using this solution. Anyone knows how to deal with this?

  3. Not using a touch screen, did this and it fixed the problem and made the game run much smoother! Thank you.

  4. Never thought of that fix, so simple… finally the search bar is usable more than just once, wow~

  5. wtf ? i dont have touchscreen 😀 and my bug was even worse.. like i couldnt find any cards.. my search bar was jumping up and down and no searching lol.. this helped.. for some god damn reason.. thanks 🙂

  6. This just popped up for me on Windows 10 and I don't even have a touch screen. I think Decent of Dragons just made it happen to all Windows 10 users.

  7. Thank you for this omg. My monitor isn't even touch screen and I've been having this issue for so long. I contacted Blizzard and they said "hmm. That's interesting", as if they've never heard of this bug before.

  8. Still works in 2020. Got a new laptop and was confused what was going on, so I very much appreciate you posting this. God bless!

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