Hearthstone Constructed: Warrior one turn kill deck

This is from the first day of Hearthstone beta test season 2. The constructed ladder has been reset and the race to the top is on.

Basic idea behind the deck is to collect some combination of Youtfhful Brewmasters/Molten Giants/Warsong commanders/Gorehowl/Alexstasza/Charge to kill your opponent in either 1-2 turns and then unleash the combo.

Decks being used: http://imgur.com/TrI6oaX — some alterations might be made on the fly but that’s the basic idea.


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46 thoughts on “Hearthstone Constructed: Warrior one turn kill deck

  1. damn i wish i discovered hearthstone earlier! missing out on all these fun decks. this hurts, especially since this is one deck that which does not require any legendaries and is easy to make.

  2. couldn't you play Warsong Commander, then play molten, then play gang up, then put those all down, then use the panda cards for extra show off

  3. Did anyone else shit themselves when the opponent dropped a 1/2 Novice Engineer? Haha back in the day

  4. innerage the 4/6, go to 12 life after hitting with gore howl warsong 3 + 2 molten for 4 hit for 16, brew back one hit with brew for 3, then coin molten for 8 for a sad total of 27… 3 damage off wop wop.

  5. Lol rank 22 after turn 3 "Yea he knows ima otk deck making the right call noob rushing face" lmao

  6. When I was reading video title, I thought you will kill him in one round. what a disappointing.

  7. WOWWWW charge was 0 mana back then? And molten giant had charge because of that Warsong Commander?Holy crap back then hearthstone was overpowered, good they nerfed all these cards!

  8. Holy shit that Warsong Commander tho. Shit would be broken as fuck these days if it didn't get nerfed.

  9. I have to say that this videos title is very clever one turn kill deck not turn one kill deck.
    I encourage these kind of video titles they are cleverly made and take some effort!

  10. I like to look back at videos like these and laugh at how blizzard even thought these unnerfed cards were okay

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