Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1540

Hearthstone Daily Funny Moments Ep.1540

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ES_Being Frank — Trio Leo
ES_No Stranger to Dirt — Kick Castle
ES_Shower Exercise — Mike Franklyn
ES_I’ll Take You There — Kick Castle
ES_The Red Dress — Little Island Leap
Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin (Full Audio)

00:00 — Intro
00:32 — Moments
10:30 — Outro

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39 thoughts on “Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1540

  1. Ima call it, the death of toasts channel is declared by word and only word, let us press F for the great toast, but now we must press W and move forward.
    (Yes I took this from someone else but I forgot from who.)

  2. I would like a naga expansion based on BFA 8.2 Rise of Azshara, with them singing "Under the Sea" lol

  3. I'd prefer a Kul'Tiras themed expansion full of water and aquatic life, but a Mists Of Pandaria or Cataclysm themed expac would be super cool.

  4. I expect the new "game mode" to be good like they sad, but without (or the minimal) restrictions.

  5. I would love a Hearthstone themed after a WoW one. I'm currently working on a War of the Thorns custom expansion so there's that. With WoW the possibilities are endless, perhaps a Cataclysm would suit HS very nicely.

  6. I'm disappointed when I don't hear the "Doomsayer" laugh when he gets summoned in my actual hearthstone games.

  7. 6:00 Matteo has found a rival. I really miss your salty scream warnings, Mr. Editor.

    Hey, at this point either give me Pandaren monks or give me a Starcraft expansion. It’ll be fun to see new mechs with magnetize.

  8. When you're so early that the title of the video is just Hearthstone Daily Moments, nothing crazy

  9. Apparently Hearthstone is losing players, in that case, then yes, also maybe expand out of just WOW lore and include other Blizzard IPs… Might need to bring Diablo or StarCraft aboard. Also make a 2v2 mode or a better solo experience possible…

  10. Comment Question: What’s your favorite joke in hearthstone itself? Be it card text, adventure dialogue or any other thing, just so long as it’s in the game itself.

  11. 0:35 I shall never understand why some spell Druids run EE. I can get having three or four minions in the deck, but at that point, your playing with fate

  12. 10:07 For those of you trying to figure out what the funny bit is from that clip, as he was trying to figure out the address of the website he was trying to show the stream, his autocomplete function used his history to suggest… shall we say… not exactly a safe for work or safe for stream site.

  13. you guys get like 5 submissions a day? thats sucks and no wonder this videos almost look like "heathstone daily twitch moments" 😀 step up community, i would send my shit if i didnt quit HS long ago

  14. I much rather a mix between the WoW expansions with a little bit of HS in it, like what they did in this expansion bringing the lore of illidan but mixed with the mecha jaraxxus legion for another bit of the expansion

  15. When i see People that tell thé twin slice is à buff i Just want thep to be ban for hs for the reason never happy about what they dh was good but not op before thé nerf now he has the same winrate as chaman soo Just à thing stop rage and le us play

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