Hearthstone Deck Experiments: Control Burst Shaman S23 #2

Games featured are from StrifeCro’s February 22nd and 24th Stream

00:04 vsBadonkadonk (Warrior)
13:10 vs Zhandaly (Mage)
24:27 vs starworld111 (Warlock)

For those who are new, the score on the top left reflects StrifeCro’s win/loss for today’s featured deck for this month so far. The score jumps from time to time, as not all games from StrifeCro’s stream can be fortunately featured.

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Video Edited By: Fran “FrancyCakes” Kang
Graphics By: Pablo “Dusturn” Lorenzana


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33 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Experiments: Control Burst Shaman S23 #2

  1. I think I watched the second match before… I dont know maybe I'm crazy xd

  2. first of the second game was a secret paladin and the guy you faced were a clear stream sniper

  3. in my opinion, you should call this deck fatigue shaman or something like that, because this deck just have reactive cards, none of them are a burst or something, just the doomhammer tho. Although i love your new rare decks

  4. Hey StrifeCro, why exactly do you call this deck control burst when your only burst cards are doomhammer, lava shock and rockbiter, although you mainly try to use lava shock as overload-removal from the elem. desruction

  5. The match against the paladin is a reupload? I'm very certain I've already watched it.

  6. Will u always get full value from cards like healing wave when opponent has no cards left? What if u or both have no minions left?

  7. Could you move the ad between two games, instead of interrupting one right in the middle of the video?

  8. at the end when he played drak, he could have rockbiter + crackle (if rolls max) and earthshock was twelve right? and at the it was the same he had POSSIBLE lethal but better try no?

  9. i really need to commit to some deck types so i can expand my collection from a good starting point <_< and then i can experiment like this

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