[Hearthstone] Deck Experiments: Control Mage S23 #1

Welcome back to Deck Experiments! Today StrifeCro works on one of his old favorite archetypes, Control Mage.

Games featured are from StrifeCro’s February 22nd Stream

00:04 vs garifar (Shaman)
08:22 vs Thorpe (Priest)
20:17 vs DominoPizza (Paladin)

For those who are new, the score on the top left reflects StrifeCro’s win/loss for today’s featured deck for this month so far. The score jumps from time to time, as not all games from StrifeCro’s stream can be fortunately featured.

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Video Edited By: Fran “FrancyCakes” Kang
Graphics By: Pablo “Dusturn” Lorenzana


43 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] Deck Experiments: Control Mage S23 #1

  1. StrifeCro you should try a deck I made before standard comes out. You play Raptor Rogue in the early game, with more one drops like Lepper Gnome and the 2/1 pirate that has charge when you have a weapon equipped. After you go face with cards like eviscerate and cold blood. You use Assasin's Blade in combination with deadly poison, and you end up with a deck very similar to aggro shaman but cooler because it has Unearthed Raptor.

  2. cool i've tried to make a slower tempo mage including rhonin because he's just awkward to fit in a fast tempo deck.
    and I used to love playing the dragon mage. anyway I haven't watch this vid yet but may give it a try

  3. sad to hear that you didnt make it through preliminaries, you said your matches weren't streamed but are they recorded anywhere?

    Go on the hearthstone science channel and you gonna see im right

  5. I'll probably craft Malygos when standard hits, but for now, what should I replace him with? I'm thinking Antonidas or Alexstrasza.

  6. Always good to see someone would play original and creative decks over no brainer decks like secret pally/zoo/face shaman/combo druid…good job.

  7. I would love to see your take on a control oriented Rogue deck. I've been trying to make that work for a while with limited success and would be very interested in seeing how you would approach adapting Rogue's tempo oriented cards to a controlling playstyle.

  8. spellbender would actually be really good against entomb, even better than counter spell except in a fatigue match which the second match probably isn't

  9. Why are Shammans using Flame Jugglers, which streamer fooled the internet again?

  10. Kolento I thought you were straight but this deck is so nuts you have to be gay

    Get it

  11. The first game against face shaman you gained 30 HP, and proc'ed iceblock. Not to mention the turn 8 ( 4:44 ) bran + antique healbot combo was disgusting. Still the face shaman was one turn off of winning. Although it's true he got lifetap turn 1, it just goes to show how scary the deck is.

  12. Control Mage winning versus "the nightmare" (Secret Paladin) and he lose versus the "old and extinct" Midrange Paladin

  13. Malygos won't accomplish anything in the deck, it is hard to pull off and ends being a dead card in most matchups. I would play Rafaam or Archmage instead… or even Nefarian

  14. Тупоголовая колода. 0-5 проигрышей… Друиды просто разрывают….

  15. I enjoy the innovative deck buildings but these winconditions are few and kinda weak and very dependant on getting 0 cost missiles, frost bolts and/or icelances. I am really not a fan of the malygos purely because of the 9 mana cost. more cards draw and you could try the 4 mana 3/5 inspire gain spelldamage for a solid midrange minion I stead of malygos

  16. Strifecro, i tried on your tempo mage and it was absolutly awesome. Went from rank 14 to rank 4 in under 2,5h last night but i wanted to get your opinion on what i can replace Flamewaker with? I havent unlocked all wings to get that card. I added one more secret and one low cost minion instead of two flamewakers but should i just go knifejugglers instead? Or bring it up one more mana and add water elementals instead?

  17. damn at 18:30 I was so sad to see the Rhonin entombed, my god that 8 mana Malygos with triple arcane missiles would have been glorious

  18. For this list I'd really consider adding a Kirin Tor Mage, because of how many secrets you wind up getting from Scarabs and Conjurer. Pulling secrets from the deck with Scientist is less urgent of a need than dumping them from your hand, for this sort of build. -1 Mad Scientist, +1 Kirin Tor Mage.
    Vs. that priest, the 2nd Scientist stuck around in the hand from turn 1 until the end of the game, never acknowledged. Kirin Tor would've made that awkward turn 6 way smoother. Plus, Kirin Tor is a way better duplicate target than Scientist is.
    Just want to share my experience with playing 2x Scarab, 2x Conjurer lists. My builds are admittedly more draw-crazy (I put Coldlight in everything), so pulling secrets from the deck is a bigger priority here, I'll grant ya.

  19. I really don't like the Malygos in this deck. There's the potential for Frostbolt/Ice Lance shenanigans, but you mostly need Frostbolts for control; you're not freeze mage. I'd cut the Malygos for another Ethereal Conjurer for sure; you'll still have burst, but no dead cards.

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