Hearthstone Deck Guide - Starter Druid (Basic Cards Only)

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This is a video guide to making a basic druid deck in Blizzard’s collectible card game, Hearthstone. This deck is ideal for new players who want to be able to perform reasonably well using nothing but the basic cards that are unlocked simply by leveling up a class to level 10.

Here’s a link to the deck used in the video: http://www.wowhead.com/deck=14013

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«Vamp» by Phutureprimitive
From the album: «Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt. 1»

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30 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Guide — Starter Druid (Basic Cards Only)

  1. Hey, great guide! It really helped me getting started with the Druid. I feel that the Druid is OP, it's great to use.

  2. Just getting started,the video really helped thank u very much ! and can u suggest a Basic + expert deck ? for druid ofc or others thank you

  3. i dont uselly play druid becus i cant build them but with this build i can take evryone thanks 🙂

  4. Thank you so much 😀 i defeated the first naxxarmas boss, I tried all of my heros on the first boss and i couldn't kill him but i tried this deck and it worked, Thank you so much, trying to get the legendary u get for killing the last guy 😀

  5. Hello man, I have leveled every single class to level 10 except rogue, and i use your basic decks for all of them. I just got 1 druid of the claw in an expert pack, and I was wondering what I should swap it out with?
    And are all your decks up to date still?

  6. Okay, I have looked at all these Basic Decks you have built and I have one question… How do they stack up against the Expert Innkeeper Decks? I only recently started and I want to take those out as soon as possible for the extra gold so I can start with some Arenas.

  7. this deck can be extremely good or complete shit if you don't get the cards u want…

  8. You should have played coin > wild growth on turn one, so you basicly have a coin each next turn.

  9. Thanks man. Won for the first time with your set. Really appreciate it! Keep up the good vids

  10. I ain't seen ur channel till now this may seem insulting but it's acc a nice thing XD
    U only have bout 58k Subs or summink like that and u been uploading for years
    I get nothing on my twitch which is littlecub2001 Soz for yannoe but wanted to say
    But ur acc inspiring me to carry on
    I get no views or anything
    U still upload
    Well there's a difference but u get what I mean :3
    Please give me a shout out and I will oneday replay the favour
    I don't use YT to upload just twitch ;-;

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