Hearthstone Deck Guide - Starter Priest (Basic Cards Only)

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This is a video guide to making a basic priest deck in Blizzard’s collectible card game, Hearthstone. This deck is ideal for new players who want to be able to perform reasonably well using nothing but the basic cards that are unlocked simply by leveling up a class to level 10.

Here’s a link to the deck used in the video: http://www.wowhead.com/deck=16789

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47 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Guide — Starter Priest (Basic Cards Only)

  1. That first game concede was totally the 'psychological' aspect this game can have.  I've had players bail on my priest deck when i've played the same combo of cards despite having terrible stuff in my hand.  I've seen a lot of priests do that combo, then follow with more buffing cards, then a "damage = health" card and suddenly that 1/3, is like a 14/14 by turn 3 or something silly.  So unless you have some kind of wicked removal card, you're almost dead by turn 5.

  2. This is a great example of how a 'free' deck can beat a 'paid' deck, but you have to have a lot of luck and/or an opponent that doesn't employ the best strategy.

  3. I love my priest deck. I know priests are supposedly underpowered at the upper ranks but I'm having a good time playing with it and I seem to win most games pretty handily.

  4. Would you recommend switching out any of the cards you have in this deck with Circle of Healing?

  5. This deck is awesome for beginners! I am new to HS (and similar games) —  went straight from level 25 to 15 in ranked with this deck without loosing a game. Then at level 15 lost to another priest :/ The deck is really solid at my level of play: it has answers to almost everything they can throw at you while at the same time constantly wears down the enemy by forcing them to trade unfavorably to kill your tanky cards.

  6. this deck is so op 😀 win every game with it you just earned a new subscriber (also  i used your beginner mage deck)

  7. Cleric's just amazing to be played even on turn 1. There's very limited ways for someone to one shot it in the first 2 turns. Simply damaging it means a free card for you the next turn if you choose to heal it.
    btw, why no silence? It's 0 cost and it's extremely useful considering just how common it is to come across buff cards

  8. Another fantastic victory, thanks to you, first time giving Anduin a real shot in play mode, only a casual but none the less helping me along the way to my dailies 🙂
    Cheers for the beginner guides, i'd be at a loss.. (quite literally) without them!
    So big thanks!

  9. Just made a warrior, surrender he was at 29 hp 12 armor, he ran out of cards, this deck is awesome for beginners

  10. What about holy fire? Thought steal? Divine spirit + Inner fire combo? Injured taskmaster + circle of healing?

  11. Thanks for your guides! tried out the mage and the priest so far with pretty good success considering i'm a complete noob. gonna try arena next 🙂

  12. mine is the same but i have a mind vision instead of a mind control for an early/late game wild card 

  13. Thx for the great video. As a new player it really helps me, that you explain and demonstrate your decisions so well!

  14. You know, from the moment i started this game i never won a single game until I saw your videos, I think your my way to becoming a professional. Subbed 🙂

  15. Hearthstone is such a bullshit…. I won straight 6 games with my normal decks, and then got matched with 6 people who had full set of epic+1/2 legendaries. I still won 3 with my basic deck but that matching is bullshit…Playing for 2 days and this looks like P2W.

  16. I think i knwo why priest has mind control, its because he converts the unit into an ally of goodness 😛

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