Hearthstone Deck Guide - Starter Shaman (Basic Cards Only)

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This is a video guide to making a basic shaman deck in Blizzard’s collectible card game, Hearthstone. This deck is ideal for new players who want to be able to perform reasonably well using nothing but the basic cards that are unlocked simply by leveling up a class to level 10.

Here’s a link to the deck used in the video: http://www.wowhead.com/deck=19253

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41 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Guide — Starter Shaman (Basic Cards Only)

  1. Thanks so much for these basic builds, Otter. It's helped me attain a lot of the basic cards that I need and to get the early quests done. 

  2. Thank you soo much, before I was losing all the time, after I built my Shaman deck like you did, I got my first win 🙂 

  3. i just started playing shaman,started playing the game yesterday but I don't have every card I see here 🙁 how? they call it basic cards….

  4. I don't have the windspeaker nor do i have the fire elemental, what should i pick to replace them?

  5. I started yesterday but shaman is my fav because u can 30 to 0 the apponent hero with bloodlust raid leader, rockbiter and wind fury

  6. Why does nobody seem to like the murloc tidehunter?
    Isn't 2 creatures for 2 mana a pretty good value, especially combined with the flametongue totem or bloodlust?

  7. I got the legendary Neptulon card for the Shaman, but I don't have any other cards for that, except 1 Crackle and basics, how would you incorporate this? Would it be best to just replace the Raid Leaders?

  8. Why does every shaman run yeti when it literally gets wrecked one turn after it's summoned in 99% of cases?

    inb4 that 1% when you play a dipshit priest

  9. idk man. Ill try your deck out but I usually see at minimum 2-to 3 taunt cards drop by round 5. I know your heavy dps and ill try it

    oh btw ty for the shammy info Ive never played them yet.


  10. ia ma trying to get a deck done so i can do some face rolling myself but my only problem is that i am getting faced rolled : i copied what u did but why hadnt u put the restore 8 hp to hero and also the crazed alchamist one : i have redid my deck so many times i have no clue to what is right and what is wrong thxs for video and maybe u cxan help biy maybe i didnt give enough info for you thxs again from flame shock road marks across my face : lol bad joke thxs

  11. Wanted to ask about something
    I noticed there were no taunts other than the 1 in 4 chance of summoning the 2-0 with hero power
    Without taunts, is it possible to set up a play?
    I haven't tried it yet so I'm just asking
    Please don't bash on me

  12. almost 2 years later and this format still rekts noobs faces and their stupid paid-to-win decks. Yay!!

  13. Try using the windfury spell ive been using it in my deck on cards like the totem golem or other buffed up cards and generaly wins the game in 1-2 turns with flametongue totems and dire wolves set up

  14. thank you it was really helpful. I like the shaman but I have a feeling telling me he is a little weak compared to the other destruction machines. without strong monsters he hardly stands 😕 … am I wrong?

  15. Worked out well with the cards given.
    I prefer to go Murlock cards and cards who summons over Raptor/Yeti etc without any given bonus, mostly to boost the Warlord for lategame play, 2-3 summon cards and dropping warlord next round. Having a Whirlwind card too really makes him epic.

    Tried Murlocks/summons over Croco/Raptor etc?

  16. Can you make an updated version of this? Cause there have been changes on mana cost and damage/defense with some of the creatures in this list

  17. Hey can i ask you something?Can i use feral spirit and leper gnome in this deck?

  18. 6:02 "assuming they dont have taunt?" Ha! Oh they will!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️ atleast in the matches ive been in. People survive off having taunt after taunt. Ffs

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