Hearthstone Deck Guide - Starter Warrior (Basic Cards Only)

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This is a video guide to making a basic warrior deck in Blizzard’s collectible card game, Hearthstone. This deck is ideal for new players who want to be able to perform reasonably well using nothing but the basic cards that are unlocked simply by leveling up a class to level 10.

Here’s a link to the deck used in the video: http://www.wowhead.com/deck=17701

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45 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Guide — Starter Warrior (Basic Cards Only)

  1. Great work! Well i'm Paladin and Mage player and i really wanted ta start playing some Garrosh. The truth is that i sucked with him and i was really disapointed but after watching your video i am gonna give him another try. Keep up the good work and thanks for your vid!!

  2. What can you do know, because Hellscream Commander now gives attack only to minions that have 3 attack or less. Do I put it anyway?

  3. With Nexxramas new cards, basic decks can somehow be improved..
    Can anyone sent me a link with basic+nexxramas improves?? 
    Its a shame to have nexx cards, and dont know what to swap for them…if anyone has a link plz share….

  4. Don't have arcanite reaper yet. What else could I use? Also, since the bloodsail raider (might have got the name wrong) has the exact same stats as a river crocklisk but gains more attack if you have a weapon, should I use her instead?

  5. Would Mortal strike and whirlwind work in this deck? ( using Whirlwind to execute one of his giant minions easily ) If it would, what cards do you suggest i discard from the basic Warrior deck? 🙂

  6. There is a huge learning curve for me with this game, your basic deck builds have really helped me get a better understanding of how this all works.  Thanks!!

  7. They changed the Warsong Commander to only give charge to minions under 3 attack shall i still use it?:) ty very much for the guide

  8. Can you suggest me a more advanced aggro Garrosh (Garrosh is the hero, not to be confused with Grommash) deck? All I have right now are all the basic cards but I just managed to get myself a pair of Argent Commanders.

    My strategy is as follows:

    1. Always be equipped with a weapon.
    2. Never use the weapon as a means of removal. Always use it for direct damage.
    3. Do not use up all of the weapon's durability unless there is another weapon ready to play.
    4. Have as many weapons in the deck as possible without making the deck RNG.
    5. Overwhelm the opponent with Charge minions as quickly as possible.
    6. End the game as quickly as possible.
    7. Card draw is more important than ever.
    8. The main parts of the deck are Charge minions, weapons, and card draw.
    9. The deck needs to be unusual. For this purpose, I use the Sen'jin Shieldmasta.
    10. Make sure there is no RNG in the deck.

    Basically, I'm talking rushdown but with more weapons than usual. My kind of Hearthstone is the one where I get to use all of the game's functions, and by that I mean specifically weapons. I can't consider minions or spells that can give me weapons. The weapons have to be the cards themselves. Call me stubborn all you want, but I always want to have a weapon with me.

    As for Warsong Commander, I could make it work. After all, that is what I have been using so far. However, that slims my chances of winning to 1 in 15.

    I could make it work with Arcanite Reaper but I could use a stronger weapon, but the only one I can think of is Gorehowl, and that's bad because it only has 1 durability. No, I'm out of Arcane Dust and there is not a single card I can do without. I don't even have Gorehowl.

    The only players I could beat are the beginner Garrosh players. I have been using your deck with some added card draw. All other classes I get irritated by very easily. I'm talking specifically Anduin, Uther, Thrall, and Gul'Dan. Anduin is the one I get annoyed by the most due to constant healing and Taunt minions. Uther and Thrall never run out of minions. Uther has Silver Hand Recruits while Thrall has Totems. One of the possible Totems has Taunt. Gul'Dan has Voidwalker which I get annoyed by. Valeera is often Miracle Rogue, and I get beaten down without any counters. Jaina has Polymorph, and that annoys me when I have Warsong Commander on the board. Instant bye-bye. Rexxar I've beaten a couple times but I get overwhelmed by beasts easily. Malfurion has things like Druid of the Claw, or he can attack without a weapon which annoys me to no end. Plus the instant armour is even more annoying. I get annoyed by all the other classes, and yet when I play as them I never do well. Garrosh is the only hero I play as and yet I get annoyed by those who don't.

    I hate Taunt minions. If only there were some counters I could use…

    Ugh, I miss the good old days of Doctor Draw. I always had big hands…

  9. I only have 1 word for this game, LUCK. And I don't have any. Got my warrior to level 6 now by defeats only. I can't catch a fucking break.

  10. i know this is an old video but can you replace 1 Ogre for 1 Argent Commander or is it not worth it?

  11. I'm very new to the game ( I only had 8 wins) and i couldn't win any more matches because my deck was shit.
    I tried this deck and i just got 3 wins in a row. Maybe it's luck, maybe it's the new set of cards. 
    Thank you for this video.

  12. I want to tell you thank you for your video. I didn't make the starter deck that you showed in the video but I think I'm still going to. What I decided to do is play aggressively as you said and I won with a deck I had. so I subscribed and I'm going to continue watching your videos just because what you said inspired me to try again and also try some new things. Thank you, continue making those great videos! 😉👍

  13. I'm an aggressive player who also likes a usage of spells,this video helped me alot i was on a 4 win streak when using this deck i'm glad i found this channel subbed 😀

  14. Can I replace Bloodfen Raptor with Knife Juggler or let the Bloodfen Raptor in deck? It will be bad when I will have Juggler in my deck?

  15. i didnt really expect much but holy shit this made my deck op from 0-100 real quick. only one problem though…. the warsong commander got nerfd

  16. The problem i have with this deck is that i run out of cards at around turn 8. So even though i try to clear the field, after that they just have way more cards then me and i cant fight back.

  17. I dont like warrior. I just go with a lot of tempo, late game units and my main class is druid. I'm just watching this to complete my quests xD because I'm a noob with warrior

  18. hi, i'm newbie in hearthstone. this video is good for my daily quest, winning 3 times as warrior, some of cards is nerfed but this deck is still good. thanks.

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