Hearthstone Deck Introductions: C'thun Warrior (Powered by G2A)

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C’thun may have finally found its home in the Warrior Class. This weeks video takes a look at the popular C’thun Warrrior and its place on the ladder

Script/VO: Sam Benson — https://twitter.com/Ben_Samson

Video Editor: Tristan Reed

Hearthstone Advisor: The Kamsh

Asset Developer: JJ Perez

Producer: John P

More Daily Videos: http://www.tempostorm.com
3% off Games with the code TEMPO at https://www.g2a.com/r/tempo-storm

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6 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Introductions: C'thun Warrior (Powered by G2A)

  1. 0:10 I would disagree with your idea that cthun is effective in classes that can drag out the game. He's honestly best in midrange decks as he can be an effective finisher. Cthun druid is a very good example. It doesn't play very well in the long game and often uses cthun as a finisher. Honestly, I find that c'thun itself is not that important in cthun warrior. The important thing is the shieldbearers and their 10 armour are very effective against more aggressive decks and can be very important in stabilizing. Otherwise, c'thun warrior is really just a less consistent control warrior.

  2. I'm rank 6 from 18 after watching this video and I played mostly control warrior for a long time lol amazing what learning basic fundamentals of a deck engine the less complicated a deck is with a straight forward strategy guys I really wanna suggest warrior c'thun players out there the less greed cards you put in the deck the more control cards you can add so if u don't run Harrison jones Elise sylvanas gore howl bronze beard u can add doomcaller bash for early game doomsayers emporer so much you can do with less greed keep that all in mind when you tech

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