Hearthstone Deck Introductions: Mid-Range Shaman [Powered By G2A.com]

Deck List: http://ow.ly/qmCW30162Wp

For much of Hearthstone’s history the Shaman class has been seen as one of the weakest classes in competitive play. In the past few months though, a class once relegated to tier four of the meta snapshot, has become a powerhouse in tournament and ladder play. Aggro Shaman was arguably the first Shaman deck to break the ceilling in Hearthsstone, but with the recent introduction of Whispers of the Old Gods a new arche type has emerged Mid Range Shaman.

Editors Note: We are aware that the current Metasnapshot no longer ranks Midrange Shaman at tier one, but we still feel it is a powerful deck.

Script/Video Editor: Sam Benson https://twitter.com/Ben_Samson

Asset Developer: JJ Perez

Producer: John P.

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  1. Your card replacements is for the deck not represented in overview, as it said to add 2 fire elementals to a deck already with one. This is more than likely due to most variants and I presume a previous version of this deck running no fire elementals.

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