Hearthstone Deck Introductions: Pirate Warrior (Powered by G2A)

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Script: Ignatiushs — www.twitch.tv/ignatiushs https://twitter.com/IgnatiusHS

VO: Sam Benson — https://twitter.com/Ben_Samson

Video Editor: Tristan Reed

Asset Developer: JJ Perez

Producer: John Price

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This channel focuses on helping Hearthstone players develop deck building skills, game sense, as well as providing funny Hearthstone related content. Featuring guides, deck techs, and general strategies for Hearthstone this channel also has Videos on Demand (VODS) of professional gaming tournaments as well.


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15 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Introductions: Pirate Warrior (Powered by G2A)

  1. click on the green outlined objects and drag them to your opponents face. congratulations you learned pirate warrior

  2. Oh my god… I was struggling to play this deck so much! I couldn't stop losing, game after game. I could never win with pirate warrior in 25 games over the last many days! But thanks to this video, I have finally won my first game! The strategy to play this deck and your articulation was first class, and I know I'll be on my way to legend now! Thanks for helping millions of hearthstone players play this complex chess masterpiece! The content of this video was both incredibly relevant, helpful and needed in the community at large!

  3. I really hate this deck, but it still doesnt feel as unfair as midrange shamman did. Though its got to be one of the dumbest decks ever in the series.

  4. worst part about these op decks is that only people with a lot of money or an absurd gold and dust reserves get to play them while they are still relevant and not heavily countered.

  5. "Enjoy some pirate warrior this season" might be the saddest thing i have heard in a while.

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