Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Another Druid Ramp

The Druid Ramp deck uses Mana Crystal accelerators to drop big mid and late game minions in play earlier than normal.

Deck Source:

Deck List:

1x Bloodmage Thalnos
1x Ragnoros
2x Argent Commander
2x Azure Drake
2x Keeper of the Grove
2x Sunwalker
2x Druid of the Claw
2x Harvest Golem
2x Novice Engineer
2x Sen’jin Shieldmasta

2x Nourish
2x Starfall
2x Wrath
2x Swipe
2x Innervate
2x Wild Growth

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Force Strategy Gaming:


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38 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Another Druid Ramp

  1. I'm loving this deck! I don't have Rag, so I use Cenarius instead, I've also added Force of Nature since I don't have a second Azure Drake yet, but I love it. A turn 1 (Coin>Innerv) Sen'jin Shieldmasta is fun!. I've also added Ysera in there too.. Ysera, Cenarius and a Ironbark Protector is a scary line-up

  2. Hey Force, any chance you'll do a check out video on Panzar? 

    Loving the videos, gives me something to do while deployed lol

  3. im not a fan of sunwalker…its expensive and a magnet for removal and silence 
    it doesn't affect the board or your card advantage the moment it comes down, making it a less than optimal acceleration or late game drop 

    ancient of lore is a much better replacement in a ramp deck…u immediately replace the cards u used for acceleration or u can put yourself out of burn range, u also don't lose as much if your opponents decide to throw a removal spell at it  

    harvest golem seems like an awkward drop; it fills the 3mana slot but it doesn't particularly trade well or defend well in early turns if u don't play buffs (cleric/argus/dwarf)

    i would fill that with cycling/card draw creatures like natpagle/acolyte or spells like claw or bite to keep the board clear for early turns 

  4. I think you should replace one Sunwalker/Wildgrow with one more legendary Card. This deck is pretty awesome but with its draw speed and mana crystal advantage, there should be 2-3 8 drops in the deck (the draw speed is kinda overboard with two Wildgrowth/2 NE/ 2 Dragon). Ysera would be the
     best choice.

  5. I feel like i'm getting majorly screwed by packs >:(
    Seems everyone and their mother runs argent commander, azure drake, bloodmage thalnos, ragnaros etc…
    Meanwhile i have done like 20 something arena runs and have only 2 purples and a handfull of useful blues…sure those 2 savagery's is gonna help -.-
    Only getting 40 dust white cards…5 repentances >:(

  6. Honestly, I love this game but i hate the fact that if you are 18- you can have rich parents and you'll have all necessary cards for all possible decks in no time… Same as if you are 18+ and you have managerial possition in international company… The others like me are pretty screwed in this model.

  7. It's this a just common deck for druid? this is like Spike's McDruid deck.
    what happen deck spotlight like pyro-smith, miracle rogue, control rogue,murloc ect ect with their awesome combo and synergy?

  8. This deck needs more giant creatures. Seems more like a midrange deck with some ramp in it then a real ramp deck. 🙂

  9. Just played against a very similar druid deck with my Divine Pally deck, and won pretty easily, he never managed to establish board control against my divine shield creatures. Had a great card draw all game long though.

  10. I would hate to play against you when you're recording.. those turns take soo long.

  11. Priests are dieing down? i played 8 games while lvl'ng my paladin, 5 of them were against priests (for the record, I beat 4 of them, and also won my 2 other games) are Priests becoming popular again?

  12. turn 7 was rough, could have easily done 2 to both and hit the 4/3  with bear.

  13. sick ass deck idd, tried it and got back to the rank i previously was way easier than with any other decks i've used so far 🙂

  14. I believe others have mentioned it but I find priests to be a real problem with this deck right now. Then again Priests may be a little to strong right now. 

  15. They should switch the manacost of swipe and starfall because by using math you see that starfall costs 1 more than it should whilst swipe costs 1 fell than it should.

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